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  1. Hey Everyone! If Toronto Guild members are having trouble all connecting due to geography, I wanted to make sure you all knew that CMN Canada is located in Woodbridge at HWY 7 & Weston, and our doors are open to you should you want to host a GTA remote meeting linking in to Toronto. Acknowledging that Toronto is the largest market with a Guild in Canada, we know that there are going to be pain points as the Guild develops and grows. I hope you all know we are here if that makes sense logistically, and we also have free parking! Win! Thank you all for your commitment and energy to Extra Life; we are so appreciative to you all for this commitment and we hope that you will share with us how we can help you develop and grow. Please feel free to reach out any time for assistance. Laurie 905 265 9750 x221
  2. Hey Trevor!  

    I hope you guys are all well over there in London!  We don't have your leadership up on the forum homepage - do you all mind sending me your display name and your forum name so that local Londoners can reach you?  attached is how it will look.  


    Thanks to everyone for your efforts in London!


    Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.38.26 PM.png

  3. LOL big melon is definitely not helping this group shot!
  4. Hey all, London does have a Guild Nancy over at McMaster Children's Hospital Foundation will work with you to provide clarity on the McMaster cachement areas - there are zones that are classified as Toronto or London and we would need to consider the likelihood that attendees would select Hamilton's hospital to support. The main focus will be as central to Hamilton as possible, so I would definitely take those options to the top of your list! What a great list of ideas you all generated!! Laurie
  5. Thanks to all for coming out! Nancy and I was so excited to meet you all and look forward to shaking up Hamilton!!
  6. Hey Extra Life in the Hammer! I hope you're all coming out to the Guild Launch this week, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and getting the Guild underway! Come ready to tell everyone why you Extra Life!!! -Laurie
  7. @Dot! How did your charity stream go? Welcome, hope to see you at the GUild launch on Wednesday! -Laurie
  8. Hamilton is also launching a Guild in a few weeks.....if there's no rivalry, maybe ya'll could collaborate? I'll be launching that one, so all welcome!! LOL
  9. Yay! Toronto has a guild! This is beyond exciting!
  10. Hey everyone, I wanted to extend a huge thanks to all who came out to the Toronto Guild launch launch last night. It was an amazing turnout and we're so excited to have a Guild in Toronto! Thanks to Stefanie, Shauna, Sydney and Tara at SickKids for hosting the gathering. Great things to come! Don't forget to post your pics! Laurie
  11. Hey it's Laurie from CMN! HUGE thanks to everyone who came to the London Guild Launch! We are so excited to work with you to grow Extra Life in London and the surrounding area. Cheers!!
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