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  1. Blood Rage is a fantastic game! As for me, I've got a long day ahead of me on November 3. Setup will start around 8:30. We need to hook up consoles, do sound checks, eat SOMEthing, and then help the game store open. We're working with a local game shop this year, they're providing the space for our event. They open at 10:00, which is when we go live. Then it's 10 hours of Dance Dance Revolution, live on stream, non stop. Wish us luck!
  2. Sure, I'm game. Do it #ForTheKids!!! https://twitter.com/ddrfr33k
  3. Either one will work, really. I find xsplit to be more intuitive for my uses, so that's what I use. The big thing for you is making sure you have enough cameras to cover the important spots. One looking down from above is a good idea, as well as cameras trained at the people playing, even if it's a wide group shot. This can be set up relatively easily, and even doing it in two or three different scenes will help change up what the viewers see.
  4. Seconding this. Nothing worse than being ill prepared.
  5. Sound off if you're taking part in Extra Life this year! I want to meet more of my fellow Minnesotans.
  6. I am totally stealing these. Thank you for your contribution!
  7. We have threads for Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, and everything else, why not Smashcast? I'll be streaming DDR on Game Day, for the second time. Last year, according to my FitBit, I did 25,000 steps, burned 5,600 calories, and traveled 13.5 miles. And I'm doing it again! https://smashcast.tv/ddrfr33k
  8. I'm streaming on Smashcast this year. Hitbox and Azubu merged last June, which resulted in Smashcast. Since joining Hitbox in November of last year, I've been very happy with the results. I have already made arrangements with Smashcast staff to put my channel on the front page during Extra Life Game Day, and I bet we could flood the front page with people doing awesome. If anyone wants an introduction, find me on one of the many networks in my profile. I'll see what I can do.
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