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    Attention Top 30 for 2017!

    I forgot I even made the top 30 cut!
  2. 3rd year here, still flying solo for the most part. Should have some friends popping in here and there. Last year, the highlight was getting a hug from a coworker of mine when I beat a boss in the Master System version of Shinobi. I've never seen him so happy. Going to stay family-friendly as in years past, but there might be some games like Contra or Street Fighter II thrown into the mix. Probably lots of NES and SNES overall just because those are my jams. I will have my 4 lav mics all prepped and ready as people rotate in and out, just gotta test them all again. Invested in a new mixer for this year, too - should make things a lot easier. There's a small chance Ill be participating in a 3-way Super Mario Sunshine race (most shines in 90 minutes). I really hope that happens! And I might do some dumb Kerbal Space Program stuff again. I'm also doing two 12-hour sessions with 15 minute breaks at the tail end of each 2 hour block. Good for the ol' bathroom and food breaks, plus actually moving around is kind of important. I'll kick it all off with a good breakfast on Saturday before the 10am start time, then things will just unravel (in a good way) from that point on. Should be fun times for a good cause.