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  1. We have about 17 people getting together under one roof for our marathon (which usually gets extended to around 30 hours because it's amazing!). A private facebook page was set up for those attending with a google.doc to help organize who is bringing what food/tables/games/chairs/etc... This year we are starting the night with a 2 hour fully interactive murder-mystery game for all players! The focus will then switch to board games (if you aren't aware, thinking board games are "Scattegories, Catan, or Monopoly".... that is like thinking video games are "Duck Hunt, Crash Bandicoot, and Pong". Board games have evolved just as much as video games-- check out BLOOD RAGE if you don't know ?). We will have a supply of approximately 130 board games to choose from at our event. We also have downgraded to 1 console for video-gaming system (for a few group video games) because we have found video games reduce sociability, fun, and tend to make you much more tired. Food will include chicken skewers, homemade meatballs, veggie trays, spicy chicken, bratwurst, cereals, various breakfast meats, nutrient bars, pretzels, flavored seltzer waters, juices, water, and various other snacks. We've done this 6 years now and found that eating "meals" is WAY better, energizing, and much more beneficial than just snacking on chips and candy. I, personally, am hoping to get into some games of Blood Rage, Roll Player, 7 Wonders, Terraforming Mars, Kingsburg, Captain Sonar, and many more! What do you guys have planned for game day?
  2. Looks like a lot of people are hitting up the video games with maybe an off-shoot of a tabletop game here and there. We are the opposite-- TONS of boardgames with some video games in between. If you think boardgames are things like "sorry" "monopoly" and "Risk"....well, that is like saying "video games are things like Pong and Pacman, right?" Boardgames have evolved just as much and I highly recommend checking them out. The social interaction and thought needed to play helps keep us awake and energized. Try some easier games like Splendor, Captain Sonar (requires 8 people), Pandemic, Lords of Waterdeep, Codenames, and The Resistance (requires 5+ people). Also, to help stay awake-- 1. Make sure to keep the blinds open and let in lots of daylight when you can. 2. Eat real meals, not just candy 3. Game with people. Try and get people to join up and game in the same room. If you can't find other participants, invite people over to game during the day. 4. Get outside and/or open the windows. Outside air helps a lot and there are plenty of games that can be played outside. 5. Don't forget to brush your teeth and use deodorant! Especially if you are having people game with you or come over to visit...they won't want to stay long if you stink. Good luck everyone, and happy gaming!
  3. Once again our rowdy group of gamers (about 15 of us) will get together for 24+ hours of gaming! (Friday night 9:00pm to Saturday 9:00pm... or Friday Midnight to Saturday Midnight....OR Friday 9:00pm to Saturday Midnight! 27 hours of gaming!) Once again we will begin with a team "game show" composed of trivia and various physical challenges. A Videogame tournament will be played throughout the day with a variety of short game challenges (fastest time through level 1 of Sonic the Hedgehog...most points in Super Mario Bros level 1...quickest touchdown in NFL game...etc). A Stones course (bocce ball on steroids) will be set up outside. TONS of boardgames!!!! Blood Rage, Roll Player, Captain Sonar, Pillars of the Earth, and sooooooo many more!!!!!! Homemade food of meatballs, chili, burgers, roasted veggies, etc will be combined with a plethora of store bought snacks. Many will use caffeine to stay awake, but I just prefer the high energy level of everyone sitting around the table and gaming (plus I don't drink caffeine so, there is that). I'm sure that when midnight comes on saturday most will go home, but a few of us addicts will stay and play until probably 2 or 3am giving us friday 9pm to sunday 3am for a full 30 hours of straight gaming!!!!!! and then we crash and sleep until sunday afternoon and spend the rest of the weekend groggely resting and getting ready for work on monday. but man oh man...what a good weekend!
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