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    Any game...especially those that are competitive. I'm partial to the retro consoles, but have been immersed in the new-to-me realm of elaborate board and card games. When I'm not gaming, I'm going back to school for Nursing, dreaming of playing rugby and probably hanging out with my amazing family and friends.

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  1. until
    Join the Indianapolis Guild and the Extra Life Team at the 49th annual Geneva Convention (Gen Con) in Indianapolis! One part of the Guild will be assisting our partners eBash in their video gaming pantheon, while recruiting our hearts out. While another part mans the Extra Life exhibition space in the exhibit hall. This promises to be a BIG event. Don't miss it. And by golly, if you're in town from another Guild please drop by rooms 135-139 or booth 2741 and make your presence known! If you'd like to volunteer to help, fill out your name and number on the spreadsheet. Here's the link. See ya at the Con!!!
  2. until
    What's up, everyone! We are back for the 6th year and looking to make this one the best game day yet! Like last year, we will be hosting our party at eBash in Castleton. When: Saturday Nov 7th - 8th 9a-9a Where: 6609 East 82nd Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46250 (317) 815-6635 How Much: a $25 donation Why? P-A-R-T-why? Because we gotta! <-------------- RSVP NOW!!! Your donation grants you the following: 24-hours of gaming - Console, PC, Board games, etcFood and drink - See belowOne ticket to win a door prize (more tickets can be received by donating cash to Riley at the event)We currently have food being provided by the follow (will be updated as details are finalized): OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE!YATS!PAPA ROOUUUXX!BravoHot Box Pizza Longhorn SteakhouseParadise BakeryStarbucksIf you would like to bring your own computer (BYOC) then please reply below so we can get a headcount.
  3. until
    This post should get some attention... Who wants free food? You do! I dropped my Extra Life business card in the fishbowl...and won! Now I need my friends to help me to celebrate the surprise. I figured I would ask the Guild at large to get the most of out the experience. Join me and the other officers on Friday September 4th (a nice break from the 48 Straight) at 18:00 at the Greenwood Noodles and Company - 7853 US 31 South 46227. <<<<----------- RSVP, will ya!?!
  4. until
    Join us for the inaugural 48 Straight event benefiting Extra Life! Our partner, eBash, is being super ultra cool and donating HALF of the admission but ONLY if you are or become an Extra Lifer on the spot! Come one, come all and experience an event like you've never experienced before. Your Indy Guild will be having fun the entire weekend playing all sorts of games both in 2 and 3 dimensions. Check out the games list and add your own interests here. Bring everyone you know to this preview to our big Gameday event in November. You pay one fee ($40-45) and play the entire weekend and get pizza and a drink at 8pm Friday. Can't wait to see you there! Here's the Facebook event! What: 48 Straight Preview to GameDay Where: eBash - 6609 East 82nd Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46250 When: September 4th @ 12:00 - September 6th @ 22:00 (48 hours from when you start to finish) Who: YOU, YOUR friends, Indy Guild Why: This is purely rhetorical...ok...FTK!
  5. Thanks, Rick! I would not have known how to respond to that one...
  6. Hello new and current Heroes for Riley! I am Oliver Wojtyna, the PR guy for the Indianapolis Guild. I want to welcome you to the Indianapolis Extra Life (EL) Guild Community. Here is where we'll be disseminating all our events and future information about Guild activities. Please check back often to keep up with us and participate when you are able. I'd like to introduce you to our Guild Leadership: @PrincessPeach - Amie Wojtyna - President@kstrehan - Kevin Trehan - Vice President@cthooloo - Kevin Steindorff - SecretaryThe Indianapolis Guild is in its 2nd year of existence and is very active in the Indy community. We have partnered with eBash as our home base for monthly meetings, events and Guild camaraderie. We are always looking for opportunities to get out in the metro area and spread the good word about Extra Life. We regularly attend conferences, midnight releases and other such events, even adding symphonies this year! This year we had a presence at Comic Con, Pop Con and, our proudest achievement, Gen Con. Most of our members have participated in Extra Life for 4+ years and are dedicated to making Extra Life a household name on par with Dance Marathon or the Komen Walk. We can't do that without YOUR help! Please come to our next meeting and engage with us in this fun and exciting way to fundraise For The Kids! Feel free to click on any of the links and send our officers a message or just reply below and we'll get connected! Looking forward to it! Be well, do good work and play excellent games!
  7. Omegaman

    Indy Guild Meeting

    Greetings Fellow Heroes for Riley, Your Indianapolis Guild will be having its monthly meeting to discuss and act upon opportunities in the community. The Guild was tasked with canvassing the community from Aug-Sep with our official flyers and smiling faces. Please contact us if you'd like to jump in. We'll get you flyers, business cards and anything else you need to get your local business establishments behind our cause! Our goal is to have the official CMN partners (complete list here) post flyers in their electronics departments or or other prominent place. It is all about recruitment on the way to 1000! Join us at 18:30 on Sept 28 at our favorite video game center, eBash, for the monthly meeting. If you can't be there in person, by all mean call in! Dial-in number: (641) 715-3580 Meeting ID: 517-638-251 See you there!
  8. until

    Hey Rob, 18:30 as usual.
  9. D'oh! I was in Austin last night, looks like I'll have to plan better next time! Be well DanniCherie! Oliver Please excuse brevity and typos, sent via Tapatalk
  10. Hello! I'm in the north west in Haslet. It's in the triangle made by 35W, 287 and 114. We'll be leaving Friday morning. Please excuse brevity and typos, sent via Tapatalk
  11. Hello Fort Worth! I'm Oliver, from Indy Guild, and I'm visiting my sister for the next week. I'm looking for some gaming! Brought various tabletop fun with me. I'm tagging @fishiepenguin and @dannicherie for quickness. Game on! Please excuse brevity and typos, sent via Tapatalk
  12. My peoples! If you have a craving for ice cream, tomorrow is the day to satisfy it. Dairy Queen will donate $1 from every Blizzard™ sold directly to Riley. So go get yourself a treat...For The Kids! 2015 DQ Miracle Treat Day Poster.pdf
  13. Greetings Riley Heroes For Kids! The Guild needs your help, and quite a lot of it. We have the responsibility of filling 10 volunteer slots a day for 6 straight days for 12 hours a day. We really need to show our support and love of eBash for this incredible opportunity. In return, we will gain access to nearly 60,000 hardcore gamers who are looking for novel and exciting experiences. Let's tell them about Extra Life and see how many folks jump on board. Need more perks? Attend one of the biggest and best gaming conventions in the world.Work with some of the best Indianapolitans in existence.FREE FOOD and DRINKS provided.Earn yourself badge privileges to check out the incredible vendor hall by working just TWO volunteer shifts over the 4 days.Play in the eBash zone with the Indy Guild FOR FREE after 10pm Thursday-Saturday.Sign up TODAY!!!! Be well, do good work and play excellent games, Oliver Wojtyna Extra Life Indy Guild Officer (317) 385-0705
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