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  1. does this read the donations too or just shows them on screen? like when someone donates with a message does it show the mssage and read it?
  2. Only question i really have is, how to use streamlabs for donations. wanted to look into it for my charity stream this year, and can I link it to my donation page so donations go straight to you guys instead of from me to you?
  3. Here's my twitter page Tweet At Me I tweet when I upload to my youtube channel, and post to my FB page. I also tweet about wrestling aka WWE and sports from time to time. i also tweet when I go live streaming.
  4. I stream on weekends, but i don't always stream on twitch. I like to switch between it and youtube. I will be streaming on twitch during game day. My Twitch Channel keep in mind that when I'm talking I'm likely going to be cursing a bit .
  5. I'm a gamer on youtube,and i also stream from both youtube and twitch. sometimes switching between the 2, but my twitch streams usually go to my channel unless i don't like something about it or wasn't very long. I provide both commentary videos and non commentary videos for those who don't want to hear me babble on during my LPs.I also do the occassional Unboxing videos when i buy new consoles or gaming collector's editions. https://www.youtube.com/c/therosegaming https://www.facebook.com/therosegaming/
  6. Hey everyone I just joined the forums even though i've been an Extra Lifer since 2014. you can read up on my profile if you want about why i Extra Life. I'm a gamer playing many games and I stream on weekends. this will be my 4th charity stream this year.
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