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  1. i stream on periscope monday wednesday and friday noonish to 4:
  2. Sadly, i dont drive due to my disabilities, so i have no transportation, so wont be able to make it. i assume all relevant info will be posted here? if people want to use the discord as well i can make a sticky post with it if needed.
  3. hey folks, didnt know if we had one, but decided to make a discord server. is the url dunno if it'll be useful, but it may be
  4. hello folks my name is njick gilbert, and i run a youtube channel named "we didnt name this at all" I also have a periscope channel based on one of the series we've had on the youtube channel, focused on boardgames, called the 1st player tokens. we stream on monday wednesday and fridays from noonish to 4 pm(gotta love traffic sometimes lol) Our usual stream spot is A1 comics in roseville. we're gonna be doing our own 24 hour marathon november 4th and hopefully raise money for UC davis, which will just consist of my co hosts and a few others. this my first time doing anything for extra life, and i hope it will go well. any help would be appreciated, and i am looking forward to getting to know the community here
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