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  1. Hi Raven! Ultimately the plan is to auction of the computer on Game day and donate it all to extra life. We don't have all the details quite yet as to how that whole event will go down, but that is the plan. Still trying to work with other companies to get parts donated though, it's a slow process but I'm confident we will have an amazing rig at the end!
  2. Hey everyone! My name is Mike and I'm building a custom computer for Extra Life! EVGA has started the build off right with some part donations! But guys I need your help! The only way I can get parts donated to the build I have to be talking to the right people! Does anyone here have any contacts with part manufacturers? I just need my foot in the door and I'll do the rest! Lets get the word out and get people excited for this build!! If you guys have any questions or information feel free to email me at mikelofaso@gmail.com Thanks for your help everyone! Mike LoFaso JXM Customs
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