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  1. Patricio_tv

    RunDisney fundraising

    Hi Mike, hope you're good today. I like the idea let's see @herobyclicking can answer you!. See you around!
  2. Patricio_tv

    Most comfortable chair?

    Well a good chair is something important if you will play during a long session. Previous year I had a simple chair and when I played a lot, I had an important pain in my back. This year I'm using a DX racer chair and there's much difference. I know they're expensive but health is first. Don't forget your stretching exercises, break, etc. Good luck!
  3. Patricio_tv

    Ideas For 2018

    Hi guys, I would like to know more about Boston community. This is my second year supporting Boston Children's Hospital, I'm streaming on Extra Life channel and my personal.
  4. Patricio_tv

    What happens at the Events ?

    @BowieMoonen Hey there, nice to meet you. You don't need to stream if you aren't streamer. I do OFFLINE Extra Life events, for example: I announce a game day when I'm going to play a video games for Extra Life and I invite people to play with me during the event, I use discord as a gaming room. They join there and we play together, I talk about Extra Life, what we're doing for the kids and I invite to support. Hope it helps you
  5. Patricio_tv

    Do you use the mailing list option?

    Good advice, getting donations is difficult but we're doing something really important. Consistency is the secret, we can find people doesn't want to participate and is ok. We need to continue finding others Extra Lifers. #FTK
  6. Patricio_tv

    Extra Life United 2018

    Una reunión de Gamers Caritativos por los niños. REGISTRARSE Gamers de todas partes han tomado al mundo por sorpresa devolviendo a aquellos que más lo necesitan. A través de Extra Life, decenas de miles de jugadores han recaudado más de $ 40 millones para niños enfermos y lesionados que fueron atendidos en Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. ¡Los Gamers están salvando vidas!. ¡Únete a nosotros en Coronado Springs Resort en Walt Disney World junto con otros gamers Caritativos como tú en Extra Life United! ACTIVIDADES Calendario COMO LLEGAR FAQs * Los primeros 150 personas registradas obtienen 1 pase GRATIS para el Disney World Park Hopper (valor de $160)! *
  7. Patricio_tv

    Welcome to the San Juan Guild!

    Hi Puerto Rico, My name is Patricio, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would like to invite you to watch Extra Life channel each Tuesday at 7 pm EST in SPANISH or each Friday at 9 pm EST in ENGLISH. I hope to see you there!. Regards. Hola Puerto Rico, Mi nombre es Patricio, soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Me gustaría invitarlos a ver el Canal de Extra Life todos los Martes a las 7 PM EST en ESPAÑOL o los viernes a las 9 pm EST en INGLÉS. Espero verlos ahí. Fuerte abrazo!
  8. Patricio_tv

    Extra Life T-Shirt Graphic Designers

    I think that @herobyclicking or @allthewayj can answer you about that.
  9. Patricio_tv

    Dad and Daughter teaming up!

    it's beautiful. I love it!
  10. Patricio_tv

    Feature: Review: Outlast 2

    Good review. Thanks for sharing
  11. Here you have an example:
  12. Patricio_tv

    Boston Team

    Hi all, I found this community forum recently, I'm playing in support of Boston Children Hospital. I would like to change my current team and join me to a team related to Boston's community, I don't have any contact with my current team, no problem to change it. I'm in contact with Nikki Benoit to try to reach other Streamers of this community. Tomorrow I'm Streaming for Extra Life channel for second time at 9 PM too if you want to know me. I leave you below my personal information if you need to check my profile. Let me know if you need more information. Thank you in advance. Twitch Twitter Instagram Youtube
  13. Patricio_tv

    Extra Life team issues

    Hi there, it's a good catch! but I couldn't find out her profile. I can see her fundraising page but I couldn't find a way to be in touch with her or other member of my team. No Twitch profile, Twitter, email, DM, etc. I don't know how foreign members can contact between them. btw thanks for your help.
  14. Patricio_tv

    Tag Your Gaming/SM Accounts!

    Hi Community, I don't know if it's too late to leave my information here but I will. If someone want to stay in touch below you have Social Accounts information, I'm trying to reach people playing for Boston Children's Hospital to share information, events, play together, talk, etc. Thanks! Twitch Instagram Twitter Youtube PSN: Reloadedantrax