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  1. JwWeismann

    New Fundraisers for 2017 - Quick Tips

    Thanks, it is much appreciated and hopefully this thread will help provide a good resource for other new fundraisers like me!
  2. JwWeismann

    Why are Extra Life/CMN not on Tiltify?

    Doesn't Donor Drive take a percentage of funds raised? It says they do on their FAQs, http://www.donordrive.com/faq/ When did CMN start to claim 100% of every dollar goes to the hospitals? According to the CMN 2015 annual report they state a $.095 on the dollar cost, which is one of the lowest in the industry and one of the primary reasons I am fundraising for them this year. Please correct me if I am mistaken. I am doing a charity ride this weekend and the platform they have us use has a cost to it.
  3. JwWeismann

    Announcing the Extra Life Mobile Fundraising App!

    can't wait to start playing with this as I gear up for my first year fundraising for extralife
  4. As I am a new member to extralife, I wanted to start a thread to help out people like me have a quick guide of helpful tips, news, events, etc. from the community. If you have any helpful tips, ideas, activities, etc to share with new fundraisers, please post a reply below. Also, if you are new, please feel free to post your questions here as well. As an idea of some of the questions a new fundraiser like me has: How do I maximize fundraising from my social networks? Is there something like posting too much about fundraising? Can I fundraise entirely online? Are there physical events that need volunteers? Thanks in advance!
  5. JwWeismann

    Guild Meeting - 5/28/17

    Being new to the extralife platform and not having a lot of time to physically go to meet ups to learn, how do I get more information about Wisconsin extralife activities, fundraising ideas, etc? Sorry if this question seems dumb, I am still trying to figure out how the site works.