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  1. My first extra life event was August 25th of 2018 and we raised $189! September 29th doing another 12 hour charity stream for Extra Life hoping to raise more money.

  2. Extra Life is coming up, and its that time of year where we raise money for Childrens Miracle Network. I am challenging everyone to help me reach my goal this year, if I make goal this year I will dye my hair blue. Bright blue, as I will dye my hair blonde first and then blue, so yikes if you want to see that donate, cause it goes for the kids. I do not benefit from this at all.


    Extra Life is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program within the gaming community. Participants fundraise year-round and pledge to game for 24 hours with one goal: to save and improve the lives of sick and injured kids


    Trion's Extra Life day is October 13th and National Day is First Saturday in November.

    I will do both days, but the blue hair dye is only for October 13th stream. (another challenge posted for November)


  3. Day 4/100: Rift

    Day 5/100: Rift Summerfest activities

    Day 6/100: Fallout 4

    Day 7/100: Fallout 4

    Day 8/100: Heroes of the Storm

  4. 597abbec42bfc_TheSims4.jpg.7a34218a1b983b4b8ae0b6ac8938a5c1.jpg

    Day 3/100: The Sims 4


    I am going to be doing two challenges at the same time, this is for Extra Life 100 days of gaming, then the generations 100 baby challenge. So create two people, and let them go, see how long or generations it takes to get to 100 babies. Whew thats a lot of sim babies!!! This series is my favorite from my childhood.


    Come and check it out will be live soon to play this fun game: My Stream!

  5. yep see how to do it now. working on my post, just hoping i can figure how to insert images, feel like a cavewoman inventing the wheel here
  6. well to be fair i also might not know what i am doing
  7. Oh I would love to do that. I want to track my progress, and share my game list and why I love them and make this really fun and cool as possible.
  8. Having a game night, like....both board game/ video games, and creating like just a page for that, and event list. Like today were playing Rift, lets all create a new character and level together, and someone stream it. (or other games) Or anyone who has a nice computer and really nice webcam can invite people over and do like a board game or table top night and stream that, and share that all over social media Being at events will help with recruiting, like find any festivals that you can go to, or conventions in the south and put our names out there. Always have social media spam, with that create like a social media outlet where you can post about all the local streamers, and there stories and showcase them, sort of like the local heroes of the virtual world. Running even like random little contest too, can be as silly as show your best extra life hero costume, and whoever wins everyone else can create there backstory. can do get together and make them themed, if you have pictures and lots of options of what were doing people would get more interested and you can recruit that way. The fundraising part feel it goes hand and hand. Just a few ideas.
  9. Hello everyone. I am Jessica Marko aka KelariCuddles/ Naly. A Trion Creator and Trion fangirl. Bigtime into Rift. Games you will see me play is Rift, Fallout 4, ESO, Skyrim, Atlas Reactor, little here and there things inbetween but for the most part those are on the top of the list. I am also a mix medium artist. I am a 3rd year extra lifer. And a streamer. Twitch: KelariCuddles Xbox: CzarJeka Battlenet: MissKelari Steam: JekatheGreatness
  10. 5979cb3dd8fc7_Fallout3.jpg.390c07768b31d3152ec0a8d6ac2bb8fa.jpg

    Day 2/100: Fallout 3


    My favorite game of all time, took everything I love about games

    • Open world
    • Decision Making
    • Makes me scream when things chase after me for my ultimate doom
    • Long long game play
    • Rich Story
    • Keeps me entertained
    • Vault boy, I mean come on
    • James is the best video game daddy
    • Brotherhood of Steel were my heroes
  11. 5979ca803d072_AtlasReactor.thumb.jpg.d24e594a7b983b90e7b6ae225364cc8f.jpg



    Day 1/100: Played Atlas Reactor


    Real Time Strategy Game

  12. trying to figure a place i can post what game i played each day for 100 days of gaming
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