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  1. im kinda new to streaming and i dont own a streaming pc per say, but i make do. mostly with games that is not stressing out my computer so dont expect great new games.. (yet). i will always have extra-Life donation alerts on and a link down below the stream to support.. stop by whenever you guys want ( if you want)
  2. im not sure how you do it, if you are talking about doing it in here on the forums. but one way is just to link the team page in a message or on thread in here, then people can join from there
  3. you should do it for fun and no, dont starve is not a horror game my plan is just doing for teh halloween spirit and fun. hopfully a few will stop by
  4. i am not a fan either but hey, i think it would be fun. and viewers would get a laugh ;P
  5. so i was thinking on livestream some horror games since it soon will be halloween. and why not get scared for a great cause!? so i would try to stream some FEAR on twitch at the end of next week if my computer would allow me streaming it.
  6. i might be up for Rocket league depending on time zone and if i am avalible you can try to hit me up a faw days before game day (:
  7. would be cool to have a commnunity servers. would make it easy to do gatherings and a bunch of other things together. ark and minecraft would also be funny to stream if there where happenings on game day
  8. i havn't senn many from EU since i have joined. i think like 2-3 persons. i my self are from Denmark and have been looking for a european team to join. would be awesome to see how many europeans there are in there
  9. i will jump on and have a look at this server. great idea!
  10. nice to see more poeple from Europe.. thought i was the only one! well my photoshop skills are not great but i could make a quick logo when i find the time. How many are on teh team as of right now ?
  11. Can you somehow sort out some of the ''sceens''? and does this still work with OBS? my sceens donsn't seem to change, and im stuck on teh day until extralife event, or what ever it says. im looking to only show the donations, and the extralife logo.. any help?
  12. i stream once in a while. right now mostly No Man's Sky
  13. can i use this animated background for my stream? i would like to change it a little by adding some text i just felt like a would ask you before i did it
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