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  1. Will the first day (23 Feb) be much the same as last year? Arrivals, registration in the evening, etc?
  2. Haven't used Google+ much, but I think I sent a friend request properly .... hopefully I can get in on the Hangout for the meeting.
  3. Hey everyone, My name's John and I just recently moved out to Vancouver. Very excited to be fundraising this year for BCCH. I stream quite often over at so feel free to come by and say hello. It's still a smaller channel but the people that hang out there are great.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm John Tabbernor from Winnipeg, Canada and I'll be playing for the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. This is the second year that my friends and I have taken part in Extra Life and I'm humbled to have the opportunity to participate in the first ever Extra Life United! I've been gaming since the Commodore 64 was cool so what I might lack in 'mad skillz' I make up for in experience! I doubt I'll make it very far in the tournament but that leaves more time for hanging out, getting to know everyone in the community, and nursing our wounds with a few shared drinks. If anyone's curious, you can check out the full archive of our or check out the stuff I'm doing on Twitch. It's hard to contain my excitement and I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone next week! If you want to get in touch, usually the best way is to find me on Twitter. See you soon!
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