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  1. @dilelefant I downloaded the assets for booth materials that they have on here, so if we decided to order anything I can easily customize their base designs to work for us.There is a sale until the 16th, so the banner would be about $85 rather than $150 like I mentioned before...but it might be better to have a tablecloth if we need to just stick with one higher price-point item. Here are some rough layouts using their designs, just to get an idea of what a banner or card would look like.
  2. Hey! Sorry, I'm slow I think a glossy cardstock, postcard-sized handout would be an effective and affordable mix of the two ideas. We could get 250 6"x4" cards, full-color front and black/white back for about $50, or 100 for about $30.
  3. Cool! I can send correctly sized files to whoever needs them. Just let me know!
  4. I haven't looked at the kits or available collateral that we might have access to, but I'd be happy to help with layout of promotional materials, signage, etc., and coordinating with print vendors as needed. I think tablecloths with logos usually run around $150. Retractable floor banners are usually about $150 as well, but I think there are some less fancy ones that are closer to $80 if you dig around. There are other, more budget-friendly signage options (just a bit less durable) and I could get together some price comparisons if I have an idea of a budget.
  5. Here's an update with Sloss. What do ya'll think?
  6. Here's a start - I was going to add in a silhouette of Sloss on the left as well. Ya'll just let me know your thoughts or if you have any other ideas! I did look at including the Children's building, but it was a little funky...so I threw in the firework since I know the kids can see them from the stadium.
  7. Hey guys I'm a graphic designer and would be happy to update the logo for the guild!
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