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  1. Galliant

    SD Extra-Life takes over SafeHouse!

    Hello Visitors! We are going to start piggy-backing off of the Safe-House's Weekly Mario Kart event! They host a weekly Mario-Kart Tournament and we will be attending on Thursday Nights! Hope to see you there! (Note: IT GETS REALLY HYPHY) http://www.thesafehousenp.com/
  2. Galliant

    Peter's Birthday Stream

    Peter (our guild's event coordinator) is having a birthday stream on Tuesday September 18th! Please join him at Http://twitch.tv/labsux
  3. Galliant

    Meeting Notes

    Hey Everyone! Please see attached for the 09/11/2017 Meeting. Again find our discord link below!! https://discord.gg/zDC4JmA Extra Life Guild Meeting Agenda 9.11.17.docx
  4. Galliant

    Meeting Notes

    Hey everyone! Please see attached for the 08/14/2017 Meeting. Apologies for skipping July!!! Extra Life Guild Meeting Agenda 8.14.17.docx
  5. Galliant

    Meeting Notes

    See attached notes for the 06/12/17 Meeting. Additionally, we will be doing a Marathon stream for Extra-Life Stream day and are looking for suggestions and volunteers. Please Message me if you are interested!!! Extra Life Guild Meeting Agenda 6.12.17.docx
  6. Galliant

    San Diego Guild Discord

    Hello All! I wanted to let you all know that I've made a new San Diego Extra Life Discord as the current/previous one is inactive... To stay current and get notifications (without spam), please join the new server linked below! https://discord.gg/zDC4JmA Thanks
  7. Galliant

    May 27th - SD Twitch Meetup

    Bump ~ This is tomorrow
  8. Galliant

    Who ARE these people?

    name: Noah social media handles: Galliant/xGalliant xb gamertag/PSN ID/steam ID: Steam ID- Galliant, Discord - xGalliant#5812 hobbies: Gaming, Long walks on the beach, Drinking Socially, Exercising, Being outdoorsey favorite food: Mexican Food! Its all so good.
  9. Galliant

    Extra-Life SD DnD Streams

    Is anyone still interested?..
  10. Galliant

    May 27th - SD Twitch Meetup

    Hey there everyone! In efforts to take part in more fun events, since its the San Diego Guild's first month in our respective Leadership roles, we haven't been able to get everything together quick enough to host our own event. In lieu of this, some of us are going to be attending the SD Twitch Meetup event on May 27th at At Ease Games. If you are interested in going, RSVP on their event page (linked below). Hope to see y'all there! It'll be fun - Noah / Galliant
  11. Galliant

    Extra-Life SD DnD Streams

    @Herbertsmart that'd be awesome! We're trying to figure it out and it would be great to get some more assistance. Thanks
  12. Galliant

    Extra-Life SD DnD Streams

    Hey again! (I'm taking over these forums...) We talked about creating a DnD group and streaming it out in efforts to raise some money for the kids. If you would like to be apart of it, or have anything to contribute, let me know and we'd appreciate any assistance! Thanks
  13. Galliant

    Off Week Social Events

    Hey everyone, As discussed at May's monthly meeting, we are trying to have at least one social event outside of our Monthly meeting. This can be anything from playing Mario Kart at Safehouse, gaming at DnB, a lan-a-thon, or just a overall get together. If you have any fun ideas or events that we should get into, post here! Thanks
  14. Galliant

    San Diego Twitch meet-up!

  15. Galliant

    Meeting Notes

    Hey there everyone, to keep our forums organized, I am going to consolidate our meeting notes onto this forum thread going forward! Please scroll to the newest post to see the latest notes! For more frequent updates, please see: Our Facebook Group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ELGSanDiego/ Our Meetup Group! https://www.meetup.com/San-Diego-Extra-Life-Guild/ Our Discord! https://discord.gg/KTGTDn3 Or reach out to one of our Guild Officers! @gerardoiscool @Squallluis @Galliant @Chairman Diaz @carlyrickard Thanks! -Noah Meeting Notes from 05.08.2017 Extra Life Guild Notes - 5.8.17.pdf