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  1. brochachofy

    Ideas for Fundraising/Recruiting

    I think these are great ideas. I have connections to someone who makes decals too. The type that you can put on just about anything.
  2. brochachofy

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi! I'm Kalyn Davis, or better known as brochachofy online, and I am really excited to be a part of this guild! It was a pleasure meeting you all yesterday and I can tell that we can make a big impact in the Alabama area. I primarily play PC games (Rocket League, Overwatch, and various others) as well as a whole lot of Halo 5 on the Xbox One and weekly Pathfinder shenanigans. By day I develop websites for a marketing firm and by night I'm a caped crus..... Nah, I just play games when I have the free-time. Again, I'm really excited to embark on this alongside you all! Here is the link for the group picture: