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  1. I think guild events can also be added to that list.
  2. Sounds good to me. If you cant find the server I have a linux box that I have in the past used to host minecraft servers. I can pretty easily use it to host a server for some time, just need to know what mod pack you want to use.
  3. @Hayley.I think that looks perfect. Seriously great work!
  4. Hello! I'm Ian McPherson, aka Nemean. I am a Blizzard fan boy so feel free to add me on Bnet (Nemean#1748). I play a bit of everything that blizzard offers plus some random steam games. I mostly play on PC, though I do have a rarely used Xbox. This is my first year with Extra-Life. I have known about the organization for a few years now, and since I work for Children's of Alabama I figured I should get actively involved. I'm looking forward working/gaming with everyone and help to grow this guild!
  5. That was what I was thinking as well.
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