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  1. So, I've been wanting to get an EL themed tattoo for the last 3 years, but was having issues finding an artist that I was comfortable with/confident in to get it done right. This past weekend my guild (Birmingham, AL Guild) was running the Video Game Lounge for Magic City Con and they typically have tattoo artists come down from Unkindness Art for the vendor/artist hall. After looking at the artists portfolio (Lindsay Hall was the artist), I loved her artwork and decided to pitch the idea to her and asked her to have fun with it (she's an artist after all, gotta let her do her thing). She was so excited to work on the design, I was very confident it was going to be amazing... and I wasn't wrong! Took about 5 hours to get done, but I couldn't be happier with this piece, she nailed it. Planning on trying to get her to turn that whole arm into a gaming/nerd sleeve 🙂
  2. Bumping this thread, could I get an admin to pin this to the top please? Thank you!
  3. I have actually been thinking pretty hard about getting an EL tattoo on my right forearm. I'm not sure if I will do it as a stretch goal for the 2018 campaign or if I will just go and do it. I really need to put some thought into the design of it. There are some awesome tattoos in this thread :-)
  4. Just an FYI everyone! Our fan booth for Magic City Con has been approved! Details to follow, who all is planning on attending and who would like to attend? I will be there Saturday and Sunday and later in the evening on Friday since my flight from Austin doesn't get in till 7pm and I have to run home before heading back out. Information about the con can be accessed via the link I posted in the original post :-)
  5. It's pretty neat, still a lot of work to be done and the Devs have plans ☺️ Looking forward to where they take it. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. Good Morning Everyone! I just wanted to share with all of you a new streaming service I was introduced to, . A little about this streaming service, they just started accepting streamers about a month or to ago and they are oriented towards PC gamers currently (with plans to expand to other platforms in the future). Some things that I like about streaming on Caffeine is their real time streaming capability (not new I know, but it works consistently for me as opposed to Mixer), easy streaming setup (install their client and play a supported game, turn the stream on, and you are good!), and their client hooks a stream overlay directly into the game you are playing so you get viewer count and chat right on your game screen. Some current downsides, there is currently no way to advertise your extra life page within the stream other than the things you mention, no custom overlays are currently possible, and the client will only work properly (hook in the chat) on games that it's told to support. They are adding new games fairly quickly and most of the popular streaming games are already there (LoL, HOTS, SC2, PUBG, WOW, etc...). It may not currently be quite was some of you are looking for in tour streaming service, but the devs are very busy working on getting it up and running and they actually listen to their streamers :-) Gotta get in during those formative years :-P I've already asked them to try and look into some sort of integration for Extra Life, I will let you all know if anything comes of it :-) In the mean time, everyone over there has been awesome and friendly, so I encourage you guys to take a look :-)
  7. That's awesome Shane! Thank you!
  8. What's your donation page? I will look and see what it shows for me. It should only be showing donations collected in 2017 and it should be just ones your page specifically received. Mine is now matching since they processed mt offline donations, but that couldn't be the case for you since all your donations were online. Weird indeed
  9. I think those look awesome Hayley :-) Would we order both (banner and cards) from the same place? The next thing we need to think about is mula to make the purchases, any ideas?
  10. Woot!, Thanks Liz!
  11. Some excellent ideas, I know @Hayley. said she could look up some pricing options on materials for the guild for recruiting/fundraising events (Like Magic City Con), would be interested in finding out how much pamphlets would run us. Business cards would indeed be easier to carry around and distribute, also generally cheaper than shirts or pamphlets I would think. We can also spread the word to our gamer friends who aren't currently participating, I know a few of my friends are probably already tired of hearing me talk about it... LOL
  12. That could be a lot of fun, I'm down for it :-)
  13. I literally just signed up with Beam yesterday, so far I like it tons more than Twitch, it just seems geared more towards interacting with the community and your viewers and the interface is easy to use and lovely. Also, the FTL protocol is legit allowing real time conversations, no lag! I'm not really established on Twitch, so the switch is easy for me. I will be doing all my live streaming on Beam from now on :-)
  14. Excellent! I miss my home lab :-(...LOL
  15. Well @Hayley., it seems you've made an impression :-) Thank you again for working on the logo, I guess we can get it updated on the site if noone has any objections? @dilelefant @PixelPantz @Paladin045 @DJThunderstix
  16. Awesome Hayley! Yeah, I'm not sure how much folks will want to pitch in for materials so having options and knowing estimates on costs will be extremely helpful. Also as an FYI, there are some pre-made/Extra-Life approved stuff for booths/tables on the site, I'm not sure what all the guidelines are on modifying and/or creating our own, I'm open to whatever we are allowed to change/make on our own :-D Here is a link to the US booth kit, I think @DJThunderstix would be able to tell you more if it isn't covered under the usage guidelines. I'm brand new to this whole guild thing so I don't want to cause any problems :-)
  17. I would be down for this if I wasn't on the other side of the country :-P Have fun!
  18. until
    Convention Website:
  19. until
    Convention Website:
  20. until
    Convention Website:
  21. until
    This is the next proposed guild meeting. Currently the meeting will be held on the guilds discord server. Currently the meeting time is from 6pm to 7pm CST, if we need to make any adjustments we can.
  22. Also, I went ahead and submitted a fan table application for Magic City Con for the Guild. I spoke with Jamie with the convention administration and she mentioned today was basically the cutoff for applications. She said I could go ahead and put it in and if we end up not doing it, just to call and give her a heads up before the convention so she can update her list :-) With that being said, if we are going to do this table, we will need to get some materials, maybe some handouts, table cloth or something, maybe a sign? I will look at the table kit stuff they have in the downloads section and maybe start looking at pricing of stuff to see what kind of damage we will end up with if we go that route.
  23. Going to start this topic as well, really just a place for us to post about upcoming events so we can all be on the same page and know who's going to be where so we can plan meetups and such :-) Currently the only thing on my radar as of posting this is the following: Magic City Con: June 30th - July 2nd Weekend adult pass is currently $26.25 (Don't know if that includes tax or not). I plan on being there, already have my weekend pass. Not sure if I will be there on the 30th as I am flying back into bham that day from training and I don't land until 7pm, depends on how tired I am when I get back. I will be there the 1st and 2nd though with my podcast people, we are planning on having a table setup. If the guild/extra life gets a table/booth, I will alternate days so I can help out or something :-)
  24. Hey peeps, I know we have a ways to go still before game day and I know not everyone will be around on Nov 4th due to BlizCon. However, I was thinking that maybe part of our marathons could be spent in a game as a guild? Maybe something like Minecraft, not sure what games we all have that would support everyone playing together. Just thought I would throw it out there for consideration :-) I remember seeing a thread elsewhere on the forums that there is a Minecraft server setup for Extra Lifers, I will try and track it down :-)
  25. @H2OAcidic, do you have offline donations that you have added but haven't processed with Extra Life yet? I am also seeing a discrepancy between the website and what's on the app, I submitted a ticket for it and the response I got was that the app isn't counting offline donations that haven't been fully processed (sent in). May not be the case but thought I would mention it to you just in case. The app is super helpful and the offline application is great! Thank you guys for these tools!
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