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    Upcoming Events

    Also, I went ahead and submitted a fan table application for Magic City Con for the Guild. I spoke with Jamie with the convention administration and she mentioned today was basically the cutoff for applications. She said I could go ahead and put it in and if we end up not doing it, just to call and give her a heads up before the convention so she can update her list :-) With that being said, if we are going to do this table, we will need to get some materials, maybe some handouts, table cloth or something, maybe a sign? I will look at the table kit stuff they have in the downloads section and maybe start looking at pricing of stuff to see what kind of damage we will end up with if we go that route.
  2. Th3Cap3

    Announcing the Extra Life Mobile Fundraising App!

    @H2OAcidic, do you have offline donations that you have added but haven't processed with Extra Life yet? I am also seeing a discrepancy between the website and what's on the app, I submitted a ticket for it and the response I got was that the app isn't counting offline donations that haven't been fully processed (sent in). May not be the case but thought I would mention it to you just in case. The app is super helpful and the offline application is great! Thank you guys for these tools!
  3. Th3Cap3

    Guild Logo Ideas

    @DJThunderstix, what do you think?
  4. Th3Cap3

    Guild Logo Ideas

    I like it! Good work Hayley! What do the rest of you think?
  5. Th3Cap3

    Extra Life Game Server

    I will check it out, thanks @herobyclicking :-)
  6. Th3Cap3

    Feature: Review: Mass Effect - Andromeda

    Luckily I didn't have any glitches or issues during Liams mission, that whole mission and its dialog was amazing....LOL I also really liked driving the nomad around on the asteroid/moon thingy. If you haven't tried it already, you should try and jump one of the chasms, I found it quite amusing :-) I am right there with you man for NMS, I played NMS for almost 60 hours straight when it came out. I need to get back into it now that they have made some adjustments and additions :-) Base building looks interesting and I heard they made survival a lot harder :-)
  7. Th3Cap3

    Extra Life Game Server

    A minecraft server for the marathon sounds like an amazing idea! Good thinking and thank you for exploring this
  8. Th3Cap3

    Feature: Review: Mass Effect - Andromeda

    That was quite the write up, a good read for sure! Having just finished MEA, I do have to say I was pleased with the game over all. I sunk 110 hours into it for the first play through and there were a number of times the writing or animations were cringe worthy, but I still enjoyed the overall story :-) Maybe I am just a sucker for space games in general (yes I still own No Mans Sky and yes I sometimes even think about playing it...LOL). Liams mission had me in stitches towards the beginning of it...LOL One note though, Havarl is the jungle planet where you can't use the Nomad to get around. The ice planet with the ruins and front lines is Voeld :-)
  9. Th3Cap3

    Guild Logo Ideas

    I like it! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you throw in a dash of Sloss :-D
  10. Th3Cap3

    Guild Logo Ideas

    That would be amazing! Thank you! What do you need from us?
  11. Th3Cap3

    Guild Logo Ideas

    I was trying to think of other things we might be able to use, but Vulcan has always just been the symbol of Bham to me....LOL There isn't really anything special or notable about the city skyline. Maybe we could incorporate a silhouette of the Children's hospital as well? to the left of Vulcan and then to the right maybe something related to Sloss?
  12. Th3Cap3

    Introduce Yourself!

    Woot! First dibs on intro :-P First off, would like to say it was a pleasure meeting you all who attended the launch meeting this evening, I look forward to working and playing alongside you all! I am Andrew Danen, A.K.A Th3Cap3 (The Cape), you can just call me Cape if you want. I am a PC gamer and play mostly survival type games (Subnautica, Ark, Empyrion, etc...). I just recently started streaming so I am really excited about game day this year (hint, I'm going to stream it :-P). For Extra Life, this will be my 3rd year actually participating, looking to start working on raising mula for the kids here shortly instead of waiting till we are closer to game day. I look forward to meeting everyone! Gamer Info: Steam: Th3Cap3 Origin: Th3Cap3 Battlenet: Th3Cap3#1648 Twitch: Th3Cap3 Twitter: @Th3Cap3 YouTube: Th3Cap3