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  1. dilelefant

    Monthly meeting!

    This is our monthly meeting in the discord channel! Please drop in to hear the newest updates on what’s going on with the guild and how you can help make it more betterer. This will take place in the discord channel! https://discord.gg/W4Tygv8
  2. dilelefant

    Alabama comic con

    We will (hopefully) have a table at the Alabama comic con in Birmingham! Come say hey!
  3. dilelefant

    Guild hangout

    Want to meet the guild? Like board games and video games? Come on down to our guild hangout (location TBA: plz message us for details!)
  4. dilelefant

    River Region Comic Con

    Come see us at the river region comic con this coming Saturday!
  5. dilelefant

    Keep us up to date!

    Hey everyone! GAME DAY IS SO SOOOOOON. So to keep us up to date how about we have people share what you've been up to extra life - wise. Aka, fundraising goal, fundraising totals so far, etc. I am at $660/$1000 for my goal and I am hoping to reach that by this weekend. I am going back to philly to stream with the rest of my team and we are at $19,500/$20,000 so wish us luck! Hope to hear from everyone else! Your great and powerful president, Dylan
  6. dilelefant

    Game Day Plans!

    Hey all! Tell us what you are doing on november 4 this year! I know a member or two will be attending PlayOn Montevallo at the university of montevallo! so that sounds fun. Anyone else got cool plans? Let me know! Dylan
  7. dilelefant

    Quest-Con in mobile!

    Hooray quest-con! Let us know if you will attend! We will have a table there!
  8. dilelefant

    Birmingham October Guild Meeting!

    Hello! Come me join our October guild meeting! The more the merrier. It only takes a few minutes (usually about 15-20) and it’ll take place on our discord server. https://discord.gg/Y8wVRUU so drop in! Topics for this month: 1) gg.UAB 2) Quest-con specifics 3) Fundraising Tips 4) The big day! see you there! (Or rather hear you, I guess) Dylan
  9. dilelefant

    Upcoming Events

    Hey @Gardoki! People sometimes do! The community is infinitely creative when it comes to what they want to do for extra life. We plan on having a get together soon to play some games so you’re more than welcome to come meet everyone! Check out our discord server https://discord.gg/Y8wVRUU we are always chatting on there
  10. dilelefant

    Ideas for Fundraising/Recruiting

    Awesome ideas! I like all of these. I would love to do a game night soon. Let's see if we can organize something.
  11. dilelefant

    July Guild Meeting

    The July meeting for the Birmingham extra life guild. This will take place on the discord server: https://discord.gg/Y8wVRUU If you have anything you'd like to discuss in the meeting or any news for us to prepare ahead of time feel free to message myself (@dilelefant) or Andrew (@Th3Cap3) or Ian (@Nemean) and we will be able to help you out. Hope you all join in! Dylan
  12. dilelefant

    June Guild Meeting


    This meeting will take place on the discord server! https://discord.gg/Y8wVRUU So drop in if you're interested in hearing what we are up to for the next month!
  13. dilelefant

    June Guild Meeting

    Guild meeting for June
  14. dilelefant

    Ideas for Fundraising/Recruiting

    Those are great! We can maybe get a tablecloth for conventions and stuff. That'd be awesome. Thanks a ton for the info hayley! we probably wont be able to order them before the 16th, but maybe we will make some sort of decision at the next meeting!
  15. dilelefant

    Ideas for Fundraising/Recruiting

    Great! @Th3Cap3 getting fellow gamers involved is a great idea. I know sometimes it's a little weird asking friends to sign up, and they probably know tons about it so you don't need to have a whole spiel. If you are with them in person bring up the app, it takes almost no time. @Hayley. thanks a to. For those prices! I'll try to find some promo stuff. I have some pamphlets lying around but there is a ton of stuff available if you look around at some of the pages on this website.