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  1. Any iRacers out there interesting in putting together and/or participating in an Extra Life series? Here's a quick sketch of my thoughts: Series of short races over 24 hrs on a mix of oval and road courses. Seek out race sponsors to supply a purse which is paid to winning drivers' chosen hospitals. Focus on base content (and some very widely used tracks) to lower barriers for entry I'd love to get a good group of Extra Lifers involved with this before I started reaching out to the iRacing community. The first order of business would be nailing down a date, series rules, and a broadcast partner. From there we can seek out drivers from the iRacing community and get them involved in Extra Life. If you're interested, reply here! Let's make this happen!
  2. I'd love some! I also spend a lot of time on iRacing, so if you have some vector versions available I'd love to add those logos to my EL paint schemes!
  3. I think VR, at least in terms of gaming, will fall into a niche. It may be a novelty for FPS or platform games, but I imagine that would fade as players get frustrated with losing their spots on their keyboard, etc. But... for racing games? VR is already becoming a gamechanger for iRacers. Having full visual mobility along with a correct FOV is HUGE for sim racing. I'm setting some money aside for a headset for that very reason.
  4. Hey guys! Lew here! I wasn't able to make the launch meeting, but I'm all in from here on out!
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