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  1. Hi Erin! I'm glad to hear that the PDX guild is getting some wind in the sails. 2018 will be my third year participating. I've never been part of a fundraising team, but I managed to raise $1000 by myself last year, and I'd love to collaborate with local folks for the first time for Doernbecher's!
  2. Zosoled


    Absolutely, I'd love to be more involved. I'll respond to your "revival" thread.
  3. Taxes done, and not a moment too soon!

  4. @ThermoFisherJob Received a template email with all blank fields when starting an application, where can I send it… https://t.co/9npugiD0pY

  5. If anyone finds the H piece for the million dollar prize in the grocery Monopoly Games, let me know.

  6. @PeteMcPartlan @numberphile Props on this one, this was one of the best animations I've seen on a Numberphile video.

  7. @lol_tyler1 #fireworks Partner with a food truck. KKona loves BBQ.

  8. Someone needs to sing some @Steel_Panther for @kelly_clarkson in their audition on @NBCTheVoice.

  9. Happy #nationalpancakeday https://t.co/ICawkdsR5B

  10. Just noticed my console showing that Extra Life's and DonorDrive's certficates from Symantec will be distrusted by Google in a few months. I'm no security expert; will this have any effect on integrations if new certificates are not acquired?
  11. Just posted a photo @ Museum of Pop Culture https://t.co/67QL7k2j7l

  12. RT @Trick2g: Trick2G's ALL NEW @IronsidePC Nemesis Giveaway!!! Get in on it! https://t.co/VsvioOX4L1

  13. Fondue dinner! https://t.co/Djoebg0bRM

  14. I think I’m finding a love for the study of ethics.

  15. RT @Trick2g: TRICK2G'S 800K YOUTUBE GIVEAWAY! URL: https://t.co/7K0Us7Vv9t

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