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  1. Hey Lew - email me at! ...we can get you some fun stuff!
  2. Hi friends! A few folks asked me to check in to this and here's some help for you: For those who have registered for Extra Life before there will be a link during the registration process on the page where you would put in your email that says, Been here before? Login to your account to prefill the fields below with your information. If they hit “Login to your account” they will be able to use their credentials from last year (There is a password reset on that page if needed) and it will add 2017 registration to their account.
  3. Hi friends! If any of you would like an image featuring the Extra Life Charlottesville Guild Logo/Hospital Logo/UVA Miracle Kid to use on your fundraising page, please let me know and I'll get one made for you.
  4. until
    Save The Date! Details to follow soon!
  5. Hey Lew! Welcome! We can catch you up. Would you be able to fill out this little survey form (attached) and scan/email a pic/text it back to me? or 434-825-3521 -So glad you're here! How did you hear about us? Guild Application[1].pdf Guild Leadership Descriptions - 2017[1].pdf
  6. Central Virginia friends, where are ya? Let's play for the kids!
  7. Hi Sanjana! I hope you're able to come to our guild launch meeting tonight at 7 at The End. If not, I hope we can talk soon! I'm your hospital point person for Extra Life and I look forward to meeting you! -Angel Cavanaugh
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