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  1. can we make this amazing persons day? @Shuel90
  2. pc just because it will be easier to do more stuff with and more people play on pc honestly so it will be easier during game day and stuff to kill time with a ton of people nad will make it really easy to join and find
  3. that is excaly what i am looking to do because i know that would be the best thing ever. because it would be easier to find and better for us so we dont have to worry about raiders and stuff
  4. so i was wondering if anyone would want to play ARK on a server together for something like game day but this server will just be for ExtraLife members i am just wondering if anyone would be into that run it on the new map and have it boosted a little so it is not a 7 hour grind. if anyone is interested or already has one or something please tell me i would love to find out if we can do this i think it would be a really cool thing to do. thank you to anyone that read all that
  5. @Shuel90 can i recommend someone i know who is part of extralife team because they are part of my guild there name is theloskeleton on mixer. if you do invite them it would make there day .
  6. @Shuel90 i have been using beam for a bit my stream name is dogdaytona
  7. yeah i have two servers one is for extralife and one is for streaming and we can always us people
  8. any news on this because i was kind of thinking of doing the same and having it vanilla and having it for a bunch of extra life teams working together i would add some server mods to get rid of swearing and griefing
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