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  1. Hi there. I'm Victoria and I head the regional Rooster Teeth Florida community group. We started doing Extra Life last year and I wanted to get our group involved. We're based all around Florida, mostly Orlando, Gainesville, and Jacksonville, and Tampa, but we have a few members that have close ties to the Wolfson Children's Hospital hence why we're supporting them during Extra Life and I'm here now! Hey everybody, this is a way for everyone to share their personal and team Extra Life page, Twitch page, social media credentials, and more. Let's all follow each other and boost what we are all doing! Extra Life Page: RT Florida Extra Life Team: RT Florida Community Twitch: RT_Florida / ArnettV Twitter: RT_Florida Website:
  2. Hi Taylor, that sounds perfect! I have an event Tuesday, but nothing I can't move. I'll be sure to be there and maybe even bring a few people along. Thanks!
  3. Hi there! So I think this would be the place to introduce myself. I'm Victoria and head of the RT Florida community group for Rooster Teeth. Most of you probably know them since they partnered with Extra Life, but also because they do such a great job raising money for the Dell Children's Medical Center in Texas. Well, we're a collection of fans that get together and do parties, meet ups, online gaming. Essentially, we're a community through and through. We just started Extra Life last year and we're ecstatic that we were even able to raise almost $1,500 for the kids. It was an odd situation though because those of us who steamed together last year were scattered across Florida (Orlando, Gainesville, and Jacksonville) playing for the Wolfon Children's Hospital in Jax, even though a lot of us are located here in Orlando. It's a confusing dynamic I know and our team is scattered even further across the state in Tallahassee, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Miami. Any way, we support Wolfson (let me know if that's an issue and if I should head to the Jacksonville Guild) because two of our members had personal experiences with that hospital and wanted to make a difference. Anyway, after last year's great success, we're excited to stream again this year in support of the kids and decided it was time to get involved with the local guild. And of course I'd love to make it to the next meeting, but I'll be away at the time so that's why I wanted to shoot an introduction here. Cheers! Victoria
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