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    Share Your Twitch Stream!

    My twitch is twitch.tv/mrputinpop I play mostly RPG and action games, but I play what ever looks fun. Sent from my LG-LS970 using Tapatalk
  2. I am a tech nerd and AV nerd so i would like to know what people use for their stream. For audio I rout most of my sound threw my x1204 Behringer sound board. mic MXL 770. For video I use an old Logitech webcam and ps2 Eyetoy for a back up. Computer stats: 550ti AMD phenom II 955 8 Gb ddr3 Micro Center ram Please share what you have, I would like to know!
  3. MrPutinPop

    Get to know.

    Yeah! the name actually came from my friend saying "pudding pop" in a Bill Cosby impression gone kinda weird. The "Putin" is not related to Russia in this case. Nice to meet!
  4. MrPutinPop

    Get to know.

    Hello! I am surprised we have not done this yet, but it would be cool to get know everyone. I will start! my name is Simon (aka MrPutinPop). I am the leader of Purple Unicorns. I am a student at Henry Sibley high school. For fun I play games (that is a shocker) and make things like chainmail to electronics. One of my joys is video and audio I love working with the equipment and learning new techniques. I work for isd197 for there live sound at Sibley. I also have dyslexia. This does not mean much but, if there is a grammatical or spelling error i'd like to know so I can try and remember that error.