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  1. Belladonna859

    What events to attend in 2018?

    Riot Nerd Flea Market March 18th
  2. Belladonna859

    What events to attend in 2018?

    Zolocon Yoo late for this year but we can think about it for next year.
  3. Belladonna859

    What events to attend in 2018?

    Zenkaikon 05/04/18-/5/06/18 Lancaster County Convention Center Lancaster, PA https://zenkaikon.com/ Did we add the Anime Convention that girl gave us a card for a while ago?
  4. Belladonna859

    Building the list of stores to engage.

    I'm going to try an initial contact with the following and see how that goes: Stomping Grounds games and hobbies Classic Game Junkie Toy and Comic heaven
  5. Belladonna859

    Building the list of stores to engage.

    Last month I spoke on an off with Red Caps. The conversations seems to have ended, but on a note of interest in being a part of game day again They mostly lost interest in talking to me when I explained that I personally would not be in charge of the event and began asking about coming in to promote Extra-Life at a tournament. I do believe they will be a part of game day but they never actually gave a definite.
  6. Belladonna859


    Hey, My name is Beth. My tags vary per game. Twitch: Belladonna859 (which I have been trying to use more frequently). Steam: dizzylizzyln13 and Belladonna. BattleNet and PlayStation: LadyBethBeth. This is my 4th year of Extra Life. I'm a casual gamer trying to get more into the competitive scene. Right now I am more into Overwatch but I used to play Dota 2. I used to be an avid RGP player (largely Baulder's Gate, Fallout, and Elder Scroll type games). I eventually found my way venturing into Indie games like Darkest Dungeon and Obduction ( from the brilliant minds behind Myst). I also play a decent amount of board and card games. I was into the MTG Modern scene for a bit. I have participated in small board game tournaments and started amassing a small collection from Love Letter to Eldritch Horror. I have watched a large portion of Table Top (mostly because of Wil Wheaton). As with video games I have also started to collect board games that I have not seen largely advertised such as The Grizzled and Looting Atlantis. I frequent conventions on the East coast and cosplay characters from a few genres. I'm excited to be a bigger part of Extra life and to try to bring the experience to others.
  7. Belladonna859

    Building the list of stores to engage.

    Uncanny KOP gave us permission to come in, so we will be attending a tournament in the coming weeks. We will be recontacting the other Uncanny stores. They are down but they want us to check with the managers to be sure. We asked two Jay Street Games locations. We will be recontacting the Plymouth meeting store to check with their manager. Jay Street KOP is no longer holding tournaments. - 500 W Germantown Pike Plymouth Meeting PA 19462 - King of Prussia, 160 N Gulf Rd. #1152, King of Prussia, PA 19406 We asked Game Stop out of curiosity if we could put flyers up closer to the event and they said we should email corporate. So we might do that.
  8. Belladonna859

    Building the list of stores to engage.

    Chris got permission from Brave New Worlds to come in during a weekly tournament to talk about Extra Life. --433 West Moreland Road Willow Grove,PA Within the next month or so we are hoping to hit up - 7th Dimension Games -- 491 York Rd, Jenkintown, PA 19046 - Uncanny! KOP Mall -- 160 North Gulph Road Suite 2322 King of Prussia, PA 19406 -Uncanny! Montgomery Mall -- 230 Montgomery Mall Suite 108 North Wales, PA 19454 -Uncanny! Plymoth Meeting Mall -- 500 West Germantown Pike Suite 2295 Plymoth Meeting, PA 19462 We also might be talking to The Laboratory -- 5 Williams Ln. Hatboro, PA 19040