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  1. @MajorLinux Yea definitely. I'm actually a part of the Philadelphia guild and I just joined this year. He is a great source of information and has helped me before with this sort of stuff so I'll reach out to him again. @Sean Rooney Thanks for the heads up! I'll be applying to the stream team soon. I think you are right about having the Extra Life name associated with backing a team in competitions. Without written consent that can get pretty hairy so I'll stay clear of that. I also wanted to just get an overall team together not just for having Extra Life back us, but to play as 5 (Or however the size of a team) together, and then recruit people that would see our team and educate a lot of gamers as well. We'll see what happens, but for now I'll hold off on naming it anything Extra Life related
  2. Hey all! I love to play competitive video games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, CS:GO, and so forth. I'm ranked pretty high in each game and was looking to see if we could start up an ExtraLife themed team where we could compete either in local events, or online events, and call it ExtraLife. It would probably gain some notoriety with the scene, and cause gamers to search for what ExtraLife is and such. And if we attended the same type of lan events, I'm sure people would sign up once they meet us. I'm a local around Philadelphia, PA and would love to even get some online events going. Here are a list of the games I play, and a way to contact me: 1. League of Legends - Diamond 4 Support / Top Main 2. Overwatch - Master Tier - Season 3 Ended 3800 MR, Season 4 is currently 3650. 3. Hearthstone - I normally end up around Rank 2-3, but I know there are a lot of tournaments held online for points. 4. CS:GO - Haven't played in a year or two, I was LEM before I stopped. If I had a team I could get back into it for Extra Life 5. Heroes of the Storm - Just started but I am well versatile in MOBAs and am trying to get to ranked now. 6. I also play Smash Brothers Melee in tournaments from time to time. You can contact me on: Battlenet - Clementine#11594 Steam ID - I'll modify this when I get home and get it You can always drop me a message on the forums as well. This is just an idea I had, If anyone is interested in getting a following together, it would be great and super fun! We could even stream our tournament matches, make some vods and get some publicity out there in the gaming world!
  3. Yea we got a ton of great feedback from stores. Our approach isn't to scare them off, or pressure them. All we were doing was this step process: 1. Open up with what dates and times people gather to either play magic, table top, dnd, what have you 2. Ask if they are familiar with Extra Life 3. Explain and then say if I could come to one of the events and see if people wanted to register Our plan is to just make our presence known, mingle with individuals about signing up and that's about it. Ask them to leave a flyer or two and be on our way. We had a separate plan for people that were REALLY into ExtraLife and ask if they had an game tournaments and if there was a way to get ExtraLife in there. But we want to respect the owners, gamers, and just talk with them while gaming with them.
  4. @LeaveIt2Beaver It's so funny I actually just heard about it last weekend and it would have been a perfect event for my girlfriend and I to attend! Unfortunately I'll be unable to go since it's short notice but I'll be rooting my new Philadelphia comrades on!! I will be attempting to go to the RGB Lan in order to get my gaming fix though hahaha.
  5. Hello All! My name is Chris and my tag is ClemClementine. I used to travel around for competitive video game tournaments such as Super Smash Brothers Melee and Street Fighter. I am now an avid gamer which focuses on competitive games such as League of Legends, CS: GO, Hearthstone, Overwatch, HOTS and DOTA. I brew beer occasionally and love to attend anime, gaming, comic conventions. My job is working as an IT person for an organization named Softerware. We create software that we sell to non-profits and assist them with their reporting, tax, overall fundraising needs. Over my 7 years of working here, I have compiled a passion for assisting people raise money and awareness for their causes. I got into ExtraLife about 3 years ago and I think it's a great way to show how gamers can do a world of good, especially for Children who really need it. I do not have any experiencing with CHOP, but my friends and family talk very highly of it and I am always down to support my local hospital. My overall goal is to try and put what I have learned in the past 7 years to good use. Thanks for having me!
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