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  1. Thomas Whitmire


    stream needs a banter buddy
  2. Thomas Whitmire


    Where can my people watch the stream?
  3. Thomas Whitmire

    February 13, 2017 Meeting Notes

    You can tell I love cameras Have we considered using Howies Game shack in Mission Viejo? http://mv.howies.com/ It is literally across the street from CHOC and has more than enough room AND computers and consoles? I know its a drive from santa ana but its pretty impressive...
  4. Thomas Whitmire

    OC Guild Leadership Opportunities

    Thank you Thank you!!
  5. Thomas Whitmire

    OC Guild Leadership Opportunities

    What is the address of the meeting? it isn't listed.... well...anywhere
  6. Thomas Whitmire

    OC Guild Leadership Opportunities

    I mostly work weekends unfortunately... crap let me do some juggling and see what I can do. -Thomas
  7. Thomas Whitmire

    New to guild

    Hello my name is Thomas and I just joined this guild recently after being associated with a few other stream and fundraising teams over the years. Last year was my first one solo and I absolutely loved it though I missed the larger group aspect of it all so I joined my local group to help out while I am still here before I move to Ohio in May. On stream day I will be returning to OC to enjoy it with you all BUT until then I want to get my hands on and in as many events as possible! -Thomas Whitmire
  8. Thomas Whitmire

    OC Guild Leadership Opportunities

    I would love to but I am moving in May and will be very far from it all. Is there anything I can do until then? Special events chair sounds like something I would be good at for Streaming, contests, and auctions but I do not wish to take up a chair position with 3 months left here in California. Please advise. I did my stream and fundraising last year and had an absolute blast reaching my goal. -Thomas