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  1. A bunch of friends and I just found out about this last year and we thought it was good idea. This is my second year doing extra life still trying to figure out how every thing works. My friends and I have decided we had a blast doing Extra Life last year that we want to help out this year. My moms friend introduced it to me and asked if I wanted to be on his team. We are a bit younger group about 10-16. We rose some money for a bunch of teens trying to help over $100. This year my friends and I are going to try and get more involved and try to meet our goal of $800. This year we hope we can be more organised. Last year we started at the end of October and lots of people couldn't come or help out all 24 hours or couldn't even come at all. This year starting really early to get a head start. I'm glad that Extra Life has found a way to raise money with interesting kids to help out as well and many others who like video gaming. I hope we have a great year!!
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