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  1. i can be there saturday for sure, not sure about sunday. i will be in costume. i have to get a ride to the con so i am not 100% sure about my timing but i will try to be there early.
  2. what we ended up doing was this: i made a ton of cute video game themed art and other geeky stuff, 8-bit heart cookies, home made eridium bar hard candies, my parents made 'barf bones' (from spaceballs) and my friend brought cake pops. we also had a clear box with a 8-bit heart on it that people could donate if they didnt want to buy anything. we did not sell anything with the logo or anything like that- we made it clear that all the money we make would be donated after the con and told them where they could seee how much we made I had a flyer explaining what we were doing, with a link to my fundraising page- and everyone who donated or purchased got one- as well as anyone who was curious. all proceeds were donated- we had to pay the woman who made the cake pops but even with that we made $182.36! pretty good for a single-day first-year con with only about 250 attendees. in addition to chatting with folks about my own marathon, I sent a bunch over to the Extra Life booth in the next aisle. it was a good set up- folks who want to participate can, and folks who just want to donate have that option too. i hope to do this same kind of thing a couple times a year, we'll see how that turns out
  3. the boston guild will already be there doing sign ups! i have my own booth with my cosplay crew, i dont have the ability to do signups anyway, so i will point them to the official booth. we were going to be selling handmade things on our own but decided to donate the money we raised instead of keeping it. not trying to skirt any rules, just trying to figure out what the protocol is. worst case scenario, we sell items and hand out cards with our facebook page... then spam our page with extra life stuff and donate all the money we made at the con!
  4. good plan, terminology like that definitely makes a difference!
  5. Alright so I purchased a table at a con later this summer and I am planning to sell items and donate the money to my fundraiser. I'm making video game themed items for this purpose, as are some of my friends. I've been told that you need to be careful about naming specific charities, but I don't know how true that is... I would like to be able to let people know about my marathons (I am going to do two of them this year.. if not more) but I don't know how to do that without mentioning Extra Life. Do I really need to avoid mentioning Extra Life? I'd like to also have a jar or something out where people can just donate money even if they don't buy things, and just saying the money goes to Boston Childrens Hospital is not as good as saying "check our progress on this website!", you know? and I want to hand out mini flyers that will take people to my fundraising page and my twitch stream but can't do this without saying Extra Life. I'd prefer to proudly display the logo and let people know about this organization, but I don't want anyone to get in trouble... does anyone know the protocol for this? any insight would be great! ALSO, I believe the Boston Guild will be set up at the con, so I will for sure be sending folks over to them so they can sign up too! Thanks!!
  6. same here- i'm actually playin november 9th into the 10th so people can track me while they are at work.. i got a lot of donations that way last year!
  7. to add on what was stated above, since donations are open until the end of the year... you can go on raising money if you want, but it's not required
  8. it's a personal choice, and totally up to you- if your body is telling you to stop, maybe sleep for a while and then do the rest of the hours to make it to 24? if you feel bad about it (which you shouldnt) you could add an extra hour or two. it's all about what you are comfortable with!
  9. i'm pretty sure donations close at december 31st, so you should be all set!
  10. go into your profile and change it from there, I had to do that myself
  11. Hey Johnny, as stated above, you can play on another day! I play a week or two after the official date due to various obligations, and it gives me a chance to promote my fundraiser at halloween parties, which has worked well in the past.
  12. sieko- trust me on this.... skip that store bought dip, grab a thing of sour cream and a packet of lipton onion soup mix. mix in a bowl, put back in the sour cream container and leave in the fridge overnight. it is SO much better than the weak flavored store bought dip. i am totally gonna add it to my game day list, because YUMMMM! also good on those baby carrots you're gettin
  13. here are a few things that i think are essential... comfy clothes! no tight waistbands or anything binding, cause it sucks for long-term wear some blankets and pillows- i make a nest on my couch and make sure i have good back support! heat pad- one of those microwaveable ones is great if your back ends up hurting anyways jerky- high protein and easy to eat while playing games! chocolate covered espresso beans- 4 of these is equivalent to a cup of coffee, and they are tasty, without making you have to pee a ton. string cheese! - again, easy to eat while playing. also high in protein! water- staying hydrated is very very important. you eyes will feel dry, and you'll get a headache with just minor dehydration, so drink up! extra batteries/battery packs for your controllers- no good having to wait for stuff to charge. eye drops- in case you do get dry, itchy eyes. personally i try to avoid energy drinks and protein bars since they are usually loaded with sugar or calories that you dont need. you're sitting on your bum doin a gaming marathon, not physically running a marathon- so your body wont burn off all that stuff.. they make me feel sluggish if i am just sitting still, but maybe that's just me maybe you could call or stop by your pizza place in advance and let them know what you are doing, maybe even schedule your delivery and pre-pay? they might decide to make your order free, who knows!
  14. I'm at $1,160 so far, with a $2000 goal. I have cash donations to include, as well as promises of donations from customers and friends. I think I mentioned before that instead of October 25th I will be playing on November 9th, so I do have a bit more time.
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