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    After the completion of the 4th annual Extra Life United event, my family and I are in awe of all the Extra Life community has accomplished. I wanted to write and share this note on behalf of the Enmon family. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Extra Life GAMERS! Somehow these words just do not seem to be adequate enough to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for Extra Life. The amount of money that was raised this year was phenomenal – Eleven million plus is just amazing. We never could have dreamt that “the little girl from Orange, Texas would leave such an amazing legacy”. Our family had such a wonderful time meeting so many new gamers, returning gamers, spectators, and their families at Extra Life United at Children's Hospitals Week. What a year for amazing things to happen - raising eleven million plus dollars in 2017; raising $40,000 at Extra Life United leaving Jeromy Adams speechless on stage, as well as having in attendance a Cow, Fairy, Unicorn, Dinosaur, a bottle of Hot sauce and many illuminating hairstyles! WOW just WOW, all of this and more will be cherished and remembered. As we reminisce about the past years, we cannot help but continue to thank Jeromy Adams and his family for his Dream! What a dream ride it has been and continues to be! We can only imagine what the future will hold for Extra Life and #forthekids. We want to send a great big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to Liz, Mike, Lou, Jeromy and staff for planning such a wonderful event. To Tori’s Angels, we say THANK YOU, for providing your expertise to the process and to the event to ensure that it ran smoothly. Our family has discussed the event in great detail and we have an announcement. This year the Enmon Family will be awarding ELU Scholarships to applicants, to help defer some cost of the Extra Life United / Children's Hospitals Week trip in 2019! We hope that by helping in different ways, that perhaps some of the burden will be lifted for those who may otherwise be unable to make it to ELU in 2019. We will keep you posted as details become available. Thank you again for all of the love you continue to give to our family. Victor & Jo Ellen Enmon Christin & Justin Hommel, Corbin and Adilyn James and Stormy Enmon
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    It’s hard to image that just a few short months ago, the Extra Life community gathered in Orlando for Extra Life United! Whether you brought home big money for your local hospital or not, the people we met and the memories we made remind us that this is not game over for the sick and injured kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Relive your #EXTRALIFEUNITED experience (video below)! We’re working hard to make Extra Life United 2018 the best yet – be sure to visit to sign up for updates as soon as they become available! We cannot thank you enough for coming to Extra Life United and for being a part of this amazing community! For The Kids, Mike, Liz, Jeromy Team Extra Life Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
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    Hello everyone! I wanted to share with a video covering basic concepts for joining and using the Extra Life community site: Signing up for the official Extra Life community site Following relevant or important forum posts Posting your Extra Life events on the official Extra Life Community Calendar Is there something else you would like to know more about? Let us know!
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    Guild Toolkit Looking for a place for the latests guild kits for your Extra Life Guild? Well, look no further! You have arrived. The toolkit contains a large selection of assets for guilds to use including: Extra Life Guild Booth Kit Fully approved banners and table covers of various sizes and for various fabrics. Each has a location to add the local Hospital Logo if so desired. There are US and Canadian specific versions of these assets in this folder. A French version of the Canadian assets for use in Quebec is coming soon. 4'x8'_Banner_VINYL_FINAL 4x7_FABRICION_FINAL 8'_TABLESKIRT_FINAL 8'x4'_Banner_VINYL_FINAL 8x10_OPTION1_FABRICION_FINAL 8x10_OPTION1_VINYL_FINAL 8x10_OPTION2_FABRICION_FINAL 8x10_OPTION2_VINYL_FINAL Also included in this folder: Elevator Speech (30 Second Pitch)_2017 Extra Life Talking Points Offline Registration Form_Extra Life (Use these form for recruiting people to Extra Life at events) Offline Registration_Input Walkthrough Important URLs Extra Life Multimedia Kit Great resources to help you support your guild's efforts!
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    He are some of the biggest challenges I foresee as the Guild program continues to evolve: 1) Feedback for Hospitals. Getting tools/support from Hospital or National in a timely manner is an issue. We have struggled to get fliers and PR materials updated with current Extra Life numbers/data. These requests are often sent back to the requesting party to generate the needed materials themselves. Requests for info/data and questions to National go unanswered for extended periods of time. The turn-around time for printed materials from our Hospital is cumbersome and we are squandering a limited supply of SWAG incentive items to try and last through another year. As a volunteer and guild leader these issues make our jobs more difficult and "less fun". 2) Feedback for National. The Community Hub is ineffective period. I understand the goal in centralizing EL Communications, however it just hasn't worked. Our other social media accounts (Facebook, Discord) consistently reach a greater audience and elicit more interactions than the Community Hub does. EL should continue to explore other options to enhance the Community Hub and experiment with alternatives as well. 3) Key Takeaways. Expand Guild's core function? I think many Guilds (including my own) already struggle with the current core functions of Recruitment and Brand Messaging. I feel that adding additional responsibilities may dilute our effectiveness even further. 4) Guilds 2.0. New Leadership Structure? I'm not too sure it matters what their titles are or how many ways you divide the responsibilities, most Guilds will continue to struggle to fill these leadership roles. Since the inception of our Guild, most leadership posts have changed over 3-4 times. I agree that new leadership is vital for energy and new perspective, but constant turn-over doesn't send a good message and can cause confusion and attrition. My suggestion would be to develop guild leader/member retention programs. 5) Key Takeaways/Guilds 2.0. Formal internal recognition/award program? I can see this having some value in incentivizing Guild participation. However, I think it would be a shame if this took away resources that could be used elsewhere. This may look like a list of complaints, but I hope it is interpreted as objective criticism to spur positive change. I currently don't have a lot of concrete ideas on how to address these issues but I'd be happy to participate in brainstorming/planning sessions moving forward.
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    Super excited to see some of this implemented. I can't remember if I made it through the survey when it came out. One thing I'd like to mention regarding tools is, in our case, we're working a lot of conventions and big events. The cost is too high to have full trade show level setups, but it's really important to have a visually appealing booth with some "attention grabbers" (in our case we use a prize wheel and candy/swag). It would be helpful for Extra Life/CMN to arrange for major metro area Guilds to have some more professional looking setups, or at least provide the ability for our hospital or volunteers to purchase promotional items and booth setups at a volume or nonprofit/charitable rate. We're great at talking to people, but we need to get them to our tables/booths before we can pitch to them! As a side note related to that, shying away from the "24 hour" part of the gaming marathon copy on signage would be helpful. There are some people who get really hyped about the challenge of staying up that long, but just seeing that text prominently placed on standees has been a pain point and deterrent for some people. Tablecloths and standees often get completely covered by people that come to talk to us, also. Having some sort of tall banner setup for above our heads would be really useful. We're working on rigging up our own creative solution here in Baltimore, but it's far from professional looking. As much as I can explain things away with "this is a charity" and "we're volunteers," the reality is that having a professional appearance and appropriate materials available for people that visit the table goes a long way in building credibility with someone who has never heard of Extra Life.
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    Hello my name is Robert Sullivan I live in Canada and I'm the big brother of Steven Sullivan the national Canadian champion child and I have a minecraft server made for all you minecraft players it is in 1.8. if you would like to be staff add me on skype its on my page . I will try to keep it up 24/7. Ip:
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    1. This is the biggest family reunion of people you’ve never met before. TL;DR: You’re going to make friends. A lot of them. You’ll know people from across the world now, and you have one amazing cause in common. Welcome home. I’ve been lucky enough to attend all prior Extra Life Uniteds (November 2014, February 2016, and March 2017). The feeling is the same every year – how did I not know this person before now? We’ve just met, but I feel like we’ve been friends forever! That first year was intimidating. I went in not knowing anyone, was keenly aware I was in a new place, surrounded by new people, oh, and I was also competing with everyone. But what I quickly realized was that everyone felt the same. Within minutes people were introducing themselves, arranging rides for each other, and generally just welcoming each other. I made friends all over the country, hung out all hours with them, and regularly keep up with them on Facebook. 2. Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. TL;DR: Bring a contact card of some sort to hand out. Come prepared with business cards that have your name, email, phone number, and gamer tags. I’d also suggest including your city and state, the hospital you play for, and your Extra Life URL (customize it to have the same URL every year!). You can always exchange contacts on your phone and friend people on Facebook, but there are sometimes so many people you’ll meet handing over a card is easier. You may also get to spend time with hospital staff and partners you haven’t met before. Don’t have cards? No worries! Head to your local print shop and they can have some printed for you quickly. You’ll want heavy cardstock, and can also get full color printed on both sides, too. You can ask for them to be cut, but you’ll be charged per cut, or you can use a paper cutter and trim them yourselves. There are plenty of templates available for free on the web, and even in Microsoft Word. 3. The camera loves you. Love it back. TL;DR: Take that selfie. Share that post. Photobomb all the group shots. You’ll want to capture as much as you can, and you should be in the picture, too. If I have one regret about Extra Life United, it would be that I’m not in more photos. I’ve taken a ton, and I’ve shared a ton, but I’m not great about getting in the photos, or asking people to take photos with me. These photos will be shared all over and come up in your Facebook memories, so you should be in them! There are also professional photographers who will be taking photos all over, and you’ll be able to access those within a few weeks. Want a peek at past ELUs? Here you go: Extra Life United 2014 Extra Life United 2016 Extra Life United 2017 – Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 4. Even if you lose, you’re still winning. TL;DR: Not everyone is going to win prize money. But that’s okay. You’ll walk away with something priceless. Losing is tough. No way to sugarcoat it. But what you can do is prepare yourself a little bit for how you react. I’ve had some really, really tough losses at ELU. It hasn’t stopped me from going back. But I did take myself out of the picture for a bit, literally. One semifinal loss was particularly brutal for me, and I completely missed the closing ceremonies. I saw the pictures, but it’s not the same as being there. Especially when you realize you’re missing from the large group shot. ☹ It's completely okay to take a break. Head outside, get some sunshine or find a quiet corner for a minute. Take a short walk around the lake if you need it. But come back. You’ll thank yourself later. And your new family will be there to help you recuperate. 5. Take this! TL;DR: Pack all the things. TSA will love your board games. Got a bag of holding? Pack that, too. I like to think I’m a pro at packing light. I avoid checked bags if I can. But you may want to check your bag if you plan to bring along some board games. If not, give yourself extra time to go through security. Board games and all their little pieces tend to get extra attention. It’s also a good idea to tape your name and phone number on the inside lids of the games, just in case they need to find their way back to you. What else should you pack? Here’s a good starter list if you’re visiting ELU for the first time: Allergy medications (Florida pollen will be high) Reusable water bottle (cut down on waste and save money!) A sweater or hoodie if you get cold easily (the convention center rooms can be cold) Your favorite snacks (I always pack a few meal bars and gummies when I travel) Battery packs and charging cables for your phone, and extra batteries for other items Headphones (they can do wonders if you need a moment to yourself and are in a crowded area) ELU specific accessories (I’m not saying onesies, but I’m saying there will be onesies… Also, tutus.) Giveaway items: buttons, stickers, business cards Swimsuits if you want to take advantage of the pools near your hotel Heading to the parks? Make sure you have these: Comfortable shoes Extra socks Sunblock Hat Blister Block, moleskin, or cushion inserts to avoid blisters Comfy shorts or jeans (I like cargo shorts. All the pockets!) A bag that’s easy to carry (backpacks work best in the parks) 6. Get your swag on. TL;DR: This is a wonderful time to pick up some CMN Hospitals swag. For yourself, and for your donors! You can browse the online shop, but save shipping costs by picking up items at ELU. I like to wear a CMN Hospitals pin on my jacket anytime I travel. I’ll give a small gift pack of CMN Hospitals swag to donors (a stylus pen, screen wipe, and a lapel pin). Want to add to your collections of t-shirts? This is the place to get them! 7. Side quests are fun, but stick to the main story. TL;DR: You’ll spend way more time at ELU than you expect, and that may mean skipping out on other things. Unless you’re coming into town early or staying late, you may not have time for park visits or hanging out outside of ELU. Once ELU starts, plan to stay close by. As much planning goes into it, adjustments sometimes must be made and scheduled times can change. There is plenty of time to hang out in between games, but stay where the action is. Just remember – if you’re wearing your Extra Life gear, represent Extra Life well. (There may or may not be a story from the first year where I ever so kindly used my mom voice and asked a few boisterous Extra Lifers to turn their shirts inside out.) 8. You’re going to need a bigger boat. TL;DR: Actually, a place to keep all those contact cards, buttons, and other gift items you’ll receive. Don’t forget to bring some of your own! One of the absolute best and most amazing things about Extra Life United is having a chance to interact directly with the kids your Extra Life efforts are helping. You won’t want to miss the pin exchange with the Champions. This is happening on Thursday, March 8th from 10:00-11:15am. Most of the Champions bring pins to exchange – so bring some of your own! You can take photos with the Champions and have them sign an autograph book. Don’t have an autograph book? Buy a deck of cards and have each Champion sign one! Let them know they’re aces in your book. Some Champions use stamps because they may have trouble holding a pen. You can become a human autograph book, or have them stamp a t-shirt as a keepsake. Find out about each of the Champions here. Don’t have buttons? Don’t worry – you may be able to have some made quickly locally or with online shops, and have them shipped to your hotel. But you can also bring any other small item for an exchange, such as sticker sheets, playing cards, or mini-games. Your local dollar store is a great place to find items like this. You will get neat little string bag when you check in, but it can get full quickly, so you may want to bring a bag of your own to carry your stuff around. 9. You’re not the only one who is bananas for Extra Life. TL;DR: One of us! One of us! You’re not alone in your love and all-encompassing obsession with all things Extra Life. Get ready to have even more ideas to act on. I came to the first Extra Life United because I helped plan, manage, and run a large game day event. But I didn’t consider myself a true Extra Lifer because I didn’t regularly play games. And I also didn’t play video games. If anything, I liked board games and puzzle games I could play solo. I didn’t even register my first year of Extra Life, I just donated to others. After leaving Extra Life United, I realized I wasn’t alone in that feeling. But also, that I had nothing to worry about. Extra Life is for anyone and everyone who loves gaming – from whatever viewpoint. I still don’t play video games much. But I’ve discovered a whole new slew of board games. I’ve earned four medals of my own, and have gotten my whole family involved, too. I’ve shared ideas with so many others on planning game days, donor rewards, fundraising ideas – all of it. And I’ve gotten just as many ideas in return. Extra Life has made a massive impact on my life. For five years I planned and managed a massive Extra Life game day of a few hundred gamers. Every year I recommitted to do it again. And in 2017 I left the tech industry to work for CMN Hospitals. That’s how much I care for this cause. So, I won’t be competing at ELU this year, but I’ll be there and can’t wait to meet my new family members! ~Tanya K., 5th yr Extra Lifer from San Antonio
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    Guild Leaders, Let's Chat! We have a lot to be thankful for this year! Namely, the amazing participation and support from Guilds across the US and Canada. Swing by the Discord and let's chat about 2017, what worked, what didn't and what we can do to finish strong for Extra Life until the end of the year. I really enjoyed our chat in September, so please let's gather once more before the end of the year!
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    Hey Bubba, If you send a check or money order that will subvert the fees, though not accounting for man hours and time processing that payment. Donor Drive is our donation processor for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and by far the easiest way to donate. To clarify, if your donors donate $50 for example, the hospital will always receive $50. We cover those fees of course, though the option to pay them does help the organization as a whole. But either way works for us! We understand the want to be as efficient as possible with money that you fundraise. Rest assured the amount that is donated is always sent to your hospital. Let me know if you have any other questions, and thank you for all you do for the kids.
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    Our team, Good4Gaming, is running a 3v3 Rocket League tournament in support of our Extra Life team. The Team entry fee for the tournament will be a $25 donation to any member of the Good4Gaming Extra Life team (roster avail via ). Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams, we hope to stream all matches and hopefully get some additional donations via the streams. If anyone is interested in joining as a solo player, for a $10 donation we will help place you on a team. Planned date for the tournament is August 12th at 1PM EST. If anyone is interested in competing, donate the entry fee, and in the donation comments note Rocket League Tournament and the team name, and we will send the team registration link to the email address used for the donation. Psyonix is providing some RL swag and Rocket League codes for PC and Xbox versions, and other prizes TBD.
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    Agree with Viedt and Herbertsmart. Leadership in Pittsburgh has had no change -nor anyone willing to step up- and is on the verge of burnout such that we actually had to decide to dial back our efforts a bit this year. All the other points Herbert made are feelings I've had myself as well. To mirror his sentiments: 1. Some hospitals definitely need better direction as to what it means to host a guild. They need to be willing to commit the resources. Our hospital rep is great, but her bosses are pretty strict about what they're willing to give, so it gets bogged down in bureaucracy. 2. No one visits the community hub even when I email our members with direct links. If I don't include everything I need them to know in the body of an email message, they simply don't get the info. Facebook was much better for that because everyone is already there. 3. We have enough hats. Enough said. 4. We're lucky to have the leaders we have, and we are the ones that do 90% of the work. We don't need a retention program because none of us will step back just to let our guild falter - we just need the support to keep going. 5. Incentivizing participation could go a long way towards bolstering our active membership.
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    Viedt, I think you and Herbertsmart hit good points. We had about 5 super active people for coverage last year. This year we may have about 8, if we can hang on to people, and I'm pretty thrilled about that! We worked some extremely long hours at conventions etc. last year, particularly when one or two of us attended that particular con and couldn't contribute to coverage. We need more enthusiastic and trustworthy people! I wish there was a more effective recruitment strategy for volunteers. I dream of the day when a 4-hour volunteer shift is possible I'll be pulling 12 hours tomorrow at a new event!
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    Herbertsmart, I completely agree with everything you said here. I have been thinking about this feedback for a few days now and the same thing that didn't sit right with me, seemed to not sit right with you either. In particular the leadership structure. We can't get people to take on the current responsibilities as they are written in the guild rules. That and we only have 3 to 4 people that even show up at all. It essentially falls on myself to do all the roles, and ask if the others are willing to take on any given task that comes up. Changing up the way they are written will not change that fact, at least in my case.
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    Article written by Robert Sullivan, a second-year participant who plays for Janeway Children's Hospital Foundation I am Robert Sullivan and I am 14 years old. My little brother Steven is one of the Canadian Champion Children. I joined Extra Life a year ago and I have been enjoying it ever since. When my brother was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, I was devastated. Cancer spreads to everyone in the family, not just the person who has it. I also have severe anxiety so I get stressed easily and have panic attacks if I get to scared or overwhelmed. I wanted to help raise money for kids who didn't have enough money for treatments, trips, games, and gaming consoles and one day my dad gets an email from the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation about Extra Life, so I joined and started streaming. I was watching the ExtraLife4Kids channel on Twitch and asked the streamer if there was a server for Extra Lifers to play Minecraft on. She responded no, so I created one in 1.8. The server will be up 24/7 unless my computer updates or is down for maintenance. Anyone can record, livestream, play etc. Since my brother Steven is the Champion for Newfoundland and Labrador, we were able to go to Ottawa and Florida for the Champions trip and Children’s Hospitals Week. We attended Extra Life United 2017 and I met my favorite streamer Sevadus! I also had met another Newfoundland streamer his name is Nathan Roberts aka Noofynate. He is good friends with me and my family and we played games at Extra Life United. He is a kind and open hearted person. I want people to be just like that and most of them are! So, that is how I joined Extra Life! Ip for the server is: On the server there is a shop, custom plugin, vaults and enchants!
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    Hey everyone! My name is Josh McIllwain, and I've been organizing Extra Life at the Crazy Squirrel Game Store every year for the last 3 years. We've been able to collect over $6,000 combined over the last few years, and I'm really excited about seeing us grow in Fresno. I wish I could've made it to the meeting last night, but I had other obligations. I am interested in applying for a leadership position - @ForTheKids, would you mind letting me know what you need from me in order to apply? Thanks!
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    What is the Official Extra Life Stream Team? The Extra Life Stream Team is a group of our most enthusiastic community members who volunteer their time to provide a presence for Extra Life on on the official Extra Life Twitch Channel. The Stream Team promotes the national Extra Life movement. The members of the Stream Team are goodwill ambassadors for Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. They represent the very best of our community through their dedication and passion for gaming for charity while live streaming. We Want Streamers! Do you have streaming experience? We are looking for Extra Lifers who have experience in streaming for at least 2 hours on a regular (weekly) basis for period of 8 weeks to start. Are you well versed in the Extra life program? Can you talk about it conversationally? Great! Don't have a ton of followers? Not a problem. However, live streaming is a skill and while we understand many of you may want to ‘get into streaming’, we are looking for folks who have a bit of experience engaging the viewer. Don't have experience streaming? Start streaming on your own channel, follow, watch and participate in chat in other streams. You have to start somewhere! We have a core group that know their way around a stream and are experts concerning the Extra Life program. If that sounds like you, then we want to hear from you. Your time to shine and share your love for Extra Life Being on the Stream Team is being an Extra Life aficionado. To be clear this about making Extra Life visible and to encourage participation. It's not about your personal donation page (though a casual mention during your stream is permissible), your guild or team. This application is solely for the person submitting it. If your fellow team or guild members are interested, have them complete an application! The more the merrier! If you are unable to stream during your assigned time please contact the Stream Team Lead- @herobyclicking. What is expected of the Stream Team? Stream Amazing Content You’re free to stream just about anything you can "play". We are representing a children’s charity and you’ll be streaming on the official Extra Life channel, so we do require the following: You must use the official Twitch backgrounds provided in by the Extra Life team. Please, no modifications, donation alerts etc. These materials are approved by the national team and we appreciate you adhering to this guideline. NO PROFANITY AT ANY TIME (the all caps means we are serious). Keep it PG/PG-13 when streaming. Be sure to have an appropriate. family friendly screenname for Twitch, Twitter and the whatnot. Keep the content of your games to a maximum rating of “T for Teen.” No “M” rated games (and most games rated PEGI 16+, not sure? Ask!). This shouldn't be a big surprise! There are plenty of games to play outside of that rating. Get creative if you get stuck! Ask the Stream Team community if you get into a rut! Remember, it's for the kids. Use the Official Extra Life Stream Team assets when streaming. Console streamers MUST have access to a capture card and software that supports Twitch Stream Keys. (PS4 and Xbox One do not support this natively). Emulators and ROMS are not allowed on stream in adherence to DMCA. Contact the Stream Team Lead in the event you cannot stream. We are flexible and understanding of the needs of your personal schedule, just keep us in the loop. Failure to adhere to these expectations will affect your continued eligibility as a member of the team. It's all about Extra Life The primary focus while streaming on the official Extra Life twitch channel should be on promoting the Extra Life program. Your audience will be from all over North America and possibly the world. Focus on educating the public about Extra Life and encouraging them to register to participate. What does the Stream Team do? As a member of the Stream Team you will have... A regular, weekly, two hour block of time on the official Extra Life channel for at least a two month period. Depending on demand this could be extended. The opportunity to represent Extra Life to the Twitch community. An opportunity, once per hour, to promote your personal fund raising page, Guild, or Team on the official Extra life twitch channel. That warm fuzzy feeling of doing something that can help others join our amazing community. How to Apply You can check the official Stream Team Schedule for time slots. Please note that all times are shown as Eastern US time. Want to be an Official Stream Team Twitch Channel Mod? Do you have eye for trolls and know how to keep the chat rolling? Love Extra Life and have time to hang out with our streamers? Let us know! Complete the application above and select "Moderator" as the position you are applying for. Have any questions? Direct message the team leads, @allthewayj, @heartandthesynapse, @MajorLinux!
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    That's about it! Check out for more info
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    You may want to look into something called It allows you to run Android apps on Windows. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    To clarify, these videos were not done by Twitch but by John Esa from CMN Hospitals. And wow, they are amazing.
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    Ran into some issues but we are finalizing them now.. have about half of them done! Should have them out to everyone in the next 2 weeks!
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    ----Apologies in advance for the long post! ---- Huge shout out to those of you who filled out the Guild Feedback Survey in February! We analyzed the data, presented a plan for Guilds 2.0 to the Hospitals Program Directors at Momentum and revamped based on their feedback. Now we'd love to hear what YOU think! The attached pictures show the takeaways from the survey results as well as a proposed structure for what Guilds 2.0 *could* look like. Nothing set in stone, just throwing out some initial ideas and want to get your thoughts/opinions!
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    Join the ATL Guild as we discuss Extra Life for 2017! Come meet your fellow guild-mates and make new connections within Extra Life. We are meeting at KontrolFreek! This will be an amazing meeting to attend as KontrolFreek has graciously offered to host our meeting and include bringing swag items for all attendees! For the first 10-15 minutes we will prep you for the upcoming volunteer events and then afterwards we can game/network with KontrolFreek! They will bring a PS4 down for us to game with but they also encourage everyone to bring their own PC's for a LAN party. If you have never been to a meeting or want to learn more about what and how we do our Extra Life campaigns then please come! ATL Guild Meeting: Date: Sunday, May 21 Time: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Location: The Garage@Tech Square: 848 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30308 (@the base of the SQ5 tower) Parking: Centergy Parking Deck Additional Marta/Driving directions located here. If you have any questions please reply below and myself Chris, Kent, or Beth can answer them for you! Guild tag #FreekNation and KontrolFreek on forum post/social media:
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    Hello all, My name is Manuel Vejar but you will see my alias most of the time which is Breathinglions. I stream on twitch and enjoy games such as PUBG, Dead By Daylight, H1Z1, GTAV, Rimworld, and many others. I have spent four years active duty navy from 2009 to 2013. I have been to England, Spain, Italy, The Vatican, Bahrain, Dubai, and France. I have conducted multiple humanitarian and operational missions including Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation New Dawn, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am now in the Naval Reserves in Lemoore and am a part of the Junior Enlisted Association (VP of the Social Committee). I am also ASST. Director of our Sponsorship program. I want to help out as much as I can physically do so as I am personally committed to helping others and especially children. I hope the enthusiasm and creativity of this group will seed others to join and become a part of something bigger than themselves! Thanks for all that you do!