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    "that's so childish" My response would be along the lines of.... Well.. we are doing this to help children. So it's important that it be something some of these kids can not just appreciate and relate to, but participate in. Many of the kids we're trying to help actually participate too. Some while they're receiving treatment for some pretty scary diseases. All so other kids might not have to go through the same thing. A lot of the folks participating are parents who have kids that were treated at these hospitals, too. I'm ok doing something childish if it means I can help save a life or heal a sick kid.
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    @Sapience you forgot the mic drop and walk out part of that explanation
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    Hi @Carbonskies! Are you familiar with streaming at all? I don't want to give you too much information that you already know, so I'll start by just explaining what I do! If you have any specific questions about anything, just let me know. This will all be programs, but I have a panel for all my tech specs here if you need advise on that. Set Up I use OBS to broadcast to Twitch (I also use the BTTV extension). I have an Elgato HD that I use for console capture through OBS, otherwise if you are playing on PC you don't need anything extra. I use Twitch Alerts for follower and hosting notification. I also use the TwitchAlerts Stream Label Chrome extension for recent follower text on my overlay. I use the Twitch Giveaways Chrome extension to roll for random giveaway winners. I use Nightbot as my mod and have timers and commands for Extra Life that run in my chat. I use streampro.io to create a setup for Extra Life donation alerts, and I save that in OBS as a CLR Browser streampro I used Snaz last year as my 24 hour timer when I did my Game Day marathon, so I'll use it this year unless I find another program. In regards to Extra Life, there are a few overlays and images you can upload into your OBS scene so that they display on your stream. Here is the link to some! I also have a button in my Twitch panels that links to my donation page. You just need to Edit Panel on Twitch, upload an image like the ones linked below, and in the URL field insert the link to your personal donation page. All Downloads Interaction Here are some talking points and additional materials you can use to promote Multimedia Kit Talking Points The rest is just up to you to have some fun! Stay positive and have a clear message when you want to talk about Extra Life. Focus on the benefit to the hospitals and explain that we fundraise all year long. The 24 Hour Game Day is a celebration of our year's work. There's nothing specific you need to do outside of having your link available for people to donate or register on the site. The rest is just fun optional stuff. I'm sure you will get a TON of great feedback from other streamers here. Good luck and let us all know if you need anything else!
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    My first Extra Life event was in 2013, a month after my son Dominic was diagnosed with leukemia at 11 months old. I live in Medicine Hat, Alberta (Canada), three hours east of the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary which is the nearest one to us and where Dom spent most of the past two years. They did everything they could for him and he rewarded all of us with an infectious positivity that inspires. I remain part of the Calgary guild, though I don't go there much now. Dominic died Sept. 3, 2015, two days after being at Disney World as part of his wish trip. With support from my community we have created #dominicstrong - which continues to evolve and at the time of writing this message has generated more than US$25,000 for the Alberta Children's this year. My son only got to inspire people for two years. I honour him by helping that inspiration grow.
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    Hey everyone! I see some folks have posted questions about incorporating their Extra Life donations into their streaming sessions. I figured I'd share an application that I made called the "Extra Life Helper" that does all of the following: Counts down the days until Extra Life if there are three or more days left. Counts down the hours until Extra Life if there are less than four days left. Counts the total hours played if the start time has passed. Continually displays the total amount raised as it changes. Shows new donation alerts as they arrive in real-time. Donation messages are read with text-to-speech during donation alerts. Custom sound effects can be specified for the donation alert. Provides a hook to run custom JavaScript when a new donation arrives. Occasionally shows the Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospital logos. Works in "participant" mode or "team" mode. Supports four color themes and three border styles. Works in XSplit, OBS Studio, and in any modern browser. Runs locally without dependency on any remote service besides the Extra Life API. Core functionality and appearance can be modified with little JavaScript exprience. Download and setup instructions: https://github.com/breadweb/extralifehelper Hope you find it helpful. If you have any feedback or requests for additional features, please let me know. Good luck with your fundraising efforts! Requirements: Operating System: Windows 10 or macOS Sierra Streaming Software: XSplit Broadcaster 3.0 (Windows) or OBS Studio 20.0.1 (OSX & Windows) Changelog: 10/21/2018 Added text-to-speech for donation messages Fixed a bug with text rendering 10/5/2018 Added option to perform a test donation 7/8/2018 Updated to work with the newest version of the Extra Life API Fixed a few bugs 11/18/2017 Added donation alerts when running in team mode Added an option to show fundraising goal in addition to amount earned Added an option to suppress alerts Added a "full year" mode for those interested in fundraising 365 days a year Fixed a couple bugs 9/13/2017 Removed Flash plugin requirement! The Helper is now a pure JavaScript application Added display of donation message to the donation alert screen Added the ability to specify custom donation alert sounds Added ability to add custom JavaScript code that can run when a new donation comes in 10/31/2016 Made donation alerts more responsive Added support for marathons lasting longer than 72 hours Fixed issues with transitions 10/3/2016 Added three new color themes to choose from. Added option to change border style. 9/3/2016 Updated to work in the latest versions of XSplit, OBS Classic and OBS Studio. 11/4/2015 Made miscellaneous fixes. 10/14/2015 Added more support for different versions of OBS and operating systems. 10/12/2015 Added support for OBS using the browser plugin. Added support for working on OSX in OBS Multiplatform. Fixed bugs with handling bad requests to the Extra Life API. 10/11/2015 Updated to use new data API. Fixed issues with being unreliable for participants with many donations. Updated the look to adhere to the new Extra Life brand colors. Fixed a few bugs with showing new donations and switching modes. 10/24/2014 Added executable wrapper for use in OBS on Windows. 2nd monitor required. 10/16/2014 Released initial version to the public.
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    After the completion of the 4th annual Extra Life United event, my family and I are in awe of all the Extra Life community has accomplished. I wanted to write and share this note on behalf of the Enmon family. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Extra Life GAMERS! Somehow these words just do not seem to be adequate enough to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for Extra Life. The amount of money that was raised this year was phenomenal – Eleven million plus is just amazing. We never could have dreamt that “the little girl from Orange, Texas would leave such an amazing legacy”. Our family had such a wonderful time meeting so many new gamers, returning gamers, spectators, and their families at Extra Life United at Children's Hospitals Week. What a year for amazing things to happen - raising eleven million plus dollars in 2017; raising $40,000 at Extra Life United leaving Jeromy Adams speechless on stage, as well as having in attendance a Cow, Fairy, Unicorn, Dinosaur, a bottle of Hot sauce and many illuminating hairstyles! WOW just WOW, all of this and more will be cherished and remembered. As we reminisce about the past years, we cannot help but continue to thank Jeromy Adams and his family for his Dream! What a dream ride it has been and continues to be! We can only imagine what the future will hold for Extra Life and #forthekids. We want to send a great big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to Liz, Mike, Lou, Jeromy and staff for planning such a wonderful event. To Tori’s Angels, we say THANK YOU, for providing your expertise to the process and to the event to ensure that it ran smoothly. Our family has discussed the event in great detail and we have an announcement. This year the Enmon Family will be awarding ELU Scholarships to applicants, to help defer some cost of the Extra Life United / Children's Hospitals Week trip in 2019! We hope that by helping in different ways, that perhaps some of the burden will be lifted for those who may otherwise be unable to make it to ELU in 2019. We will keep you posted as details become available. Thank you again for all of the love you continue to give to our family. Victor & Jo Ellen Enmon Christin & Justin Hommel, Corbin and Adilyn James and Stormy Enmon
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    Hey Extra Life Community - We have some exciting news to share! In an effort to help make fundraising more fun, more accessible and ultimately easier, we’ve added a new application to the Extra Life experience. Now you can fundraise through our mobile app made possible by a grant from the ESA Foundation! Extra Life Mobile App Manage and share your Extra Life experience on the go with our new Extra Life mobile app. This free app lets you fundraise and connect with others through SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Email. You can update your Extra Life page and check your fundraising progress all from the palm of your hand. Learn more in our best practices section! Download the app here: iPhone | Android We’ve also spent the last couple of months improving the mobile experience on the Extra Life website so give the new apps a try. We want to hear what you think so send any feedback and ideas to community@extra-life.org or comment below and let us know! For The Kids, Mike Kinney Team Extra Life Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
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    Hey Extra Lifers, Mike here from the national office… I wanted to write a quick note to let you know of some changes happening on the Extra Life National Team. As some of you may have heard (or seen online), as of last week, Rick Heaton (Sapience), is no longer the Community Manager for Extra Life. We’re extremely grateful for his help launching the Extra Life Community Hub and his support of the Guilds and wish him all the best in the future. Another structural change on the Extra Life team is that Jeromy Adams (Doc), has taken a new position within the company and will help lead the Innovations Team for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. His new focus will be to generate ideas and opportunities for people to support their local children’s hospital. He’ll always be a member of the Extra Life community, just involved in a different capacity now. Right now, you’re probably asking yourself "Well how the heck is Extra Life going to keep being Extra Life?!” and we have an answer for that as well. Liz Aponte (DJThunderstix) and myself (LeaveIt2Beaver) will be leading the overall vision and strategy for the program and be receiving a ton of support from other teams within CMN Hospitals. There will be more people than ever to listen and implement the great ideas this community comes up with. This means more eyes on the community forums, more hands vigorously typing to answer support emails, more feet on the ground in local communities and more supporters in the industry coming together to make sure the hospitals and the kids we fight so hard for are in good hands. Coming off one of our largest fundraising increases in history, it’s a very exciting time for our organization and to capitalize on the momentum we’re generating both in raising awareness and funds for children’s hospitals, it was necessary to make sure we had the right people, resources and talents supporting the right initiatives and programs. I can promise you that Liz and I are working diligently to make sure that Extra Life 2016 is bigger and bolder than you’ve ever seen it. Stay tuned to the Community Hub, our Facebook page and Twitter account to keep up with the action that will no doubt be going down. Together we will make this yet another record-breaking year for the kiddos. If you have any questions, you can always email me or DM me in the forums. I’ll be on the road launching Guilds and visiting partners over the next few weeks but will always get back to you as soon as I can. For The Kids, Mike Kinney Team Extra Life Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
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    Today, January 21, 2017, might be the day after a presidential inauguration for some, and for others it is Saturday after a long week of work but for our family, it is the day we said our goodbyes to the little girl from Orange, Texas. Nine years ago our hearts were broken, our journey had come to an end and with tears streaming down our faces, we told our youngest child, and sister goodbye. When you have a sick child there are no instructions with your journey on what to do, what to say or even how to feel. But when it comes to grieving the loss of a child – it is even worse! There are no amount of words or comfort that can get you through this terrible time. Again, there were no instructions on how to get through such a terrible loss as a family. But yesterday I came across these words and I think they fit perfectly in what I wanted to say today to each of you. “We need to remind ourselves that no matter what happens, we have the ability to handle it. We need to remind ourselves that the best thing we can do is to keep on living in the best ways we know how…spreading love and joy and telling the truth…and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. We need to just keep going while we see how things pan out. We need to remind ourselves that everyone is doing the best they can…and the very best thing we can do to help the world and help our lives is to continue to do the best we can do, too…no matter what comes along in life.” Many of you know that Extra Life was started by one person’s friendship with a young girl whose only dream was to live a normal life. Jeromy Adams is an example of what just ONE person can achieve. Jeromy was determined to do something to help others. Both Jeromy and Tori showed us that ONE person can make a difference. Victoria “Tori” was an inspiration to others. She did not let her life get her down and in fact once wrote something on her blog that stated: “I didn’t choose to get cancer once, I didn’t choose to get it twice, and I certainly didn’t choose to get it three times. Yes, some days I feel like saying my life sucks, but you know what – I don’t! I think to myself why am I sulking about my life when some people don’t even get to live an amazing life like me.” Victoria watched so many little children sick with cancer and other illnesses pass away and never have the chance to really live a life. These children were in hospital beds stuck in a hospital and not out living the life that every child should live – one free of illness. It became her mission in the hospital to inspire and motivate others to be happy, each and every day! Our family has had the privilege of watching Extra Life grow with the seeds of love and devotion that Jeromy has poured into it and the love he had and continues to have for Victoria and Extra Life. Each year we experience the love of the “Gamers” for the children that they are fighting for, as we watch the fundraising numbers grow! Each year we are so amazed by what is accomplished and it all begins with YOU. We are so very humbled each and every single time we meet someone new who gives of their time and energy for all children. Each year, we have been so blessed when stories are shared with us about the impact that Extra Life has had on their own life and others. I hope that this year, I can begin my own blog to share with you some of the many stories that have been told to our family. The stories are both amazing and inspiring. This is why we all embrace Extra Life, for the kids, and the fight inside of all of us to “pay it forward" to others! I want to leave you with these words. YOU are loved. YOU are important. YOU are making a difference! No matter how things turn out, this will never cease to be true. Keep doing the best YOU can. YOU will never know how your life may touch that ONE person and YOU will be forever changed. YOU really are so very loved. A great big thank you to Mike, Liz and the Extra Life Team for a wonderful 2016 year. Your dedication, commitment, and love For The Kids and everyone involved in Extra Life is deeply appreciated. Jo Ellen Enmon Mother to Victoria “Tori” Enmon
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    Hello Guildies far and wide! We're just two months away from Game Day on November 7th. It's coming up so fast! While many of you have been pounding the pavement all year long, it is in these last crucial months that we see the biggest impact for the kids we serve. I wanted to drop you a quick note to expand upon some things I shared in the Guild Leadership group a week or more ago. The actions that we take, and the focus that we share will make all of the difference over the next 50ish days. As the Guild program has grown from 4 to 54 in just two short years, we've learned a ton. We've learned what really moves the needle for the hospitals we're doing this for. We've learned through our W's and our L's that there are things that make a difference, and things that seem cool but don't. We've also learned that supporting 54 Guilds is a very different animal from supporting 4. To make this possible, we've had to outline many of these best practices, leadership structure, and branding guidelines that ensure that we're all on the same page and all putting our best feet forward. The manifestation of this is our Guild Handbook. Now in its 2nd edition, the Guild Handbook serves as a framework upon which every guild must be built. It talks about what a guild is, what it isn't, and it helps cope with loads of everyday opportunities and challenges faced by our heroic guildies. While Guild leaders from all over the country were consulted and contributed their ideas and experiences to this handbook, every active guildie ought to take a moment to read it, and make sure they understand it. We can't succeed as a team without having this core nucleus to bind us all together. If you suspect your Guild is operating outside of the basics, it probably is. If it is, now is the time to get everything in order and get your team focused... on recruitment. The Extra Life Guilds are the recruitment station of the program. They exist to help save kids lives creating awareness of the program, and enlisting new Extra Lifers in their local community. Guilds aren't standing in intersections with buckets to collect change or holding bake sales. The time and place for that is within your personal Extra Life fundraising environment or your personal Extra Life team. Guilds recruit.... and right now we really need you on that front. Extra Life participation nearly doubles in the final months. Why? Because the date is close enough that people start listening. It's coming up soon enough that it's not the far away land of November, but just around the corner. Urgency drives action. The same holds true with our Guilds. From here to game day, as a Guild, please remain focused on recruitment. As a person, you're welcome and encouraged to come up with any wacky idea or big fundraiser for your hospital. But when you're wearing your Guildie hat we're all-recruitment, all-the-time. (Speaking of which we really need hats) If you are a Guild Leader, now is the time that your mettle will be truly tested. You have a huge responsibility to your Guild to keep them goal-focused, informed, and moving in concert. For some of you, this may be more than you signed up for. Guess what.... that's okay. But we need to hear that from you so that we can help find new leadership. If you don't tell us that you're overwhelmed, we can't possibly know. Often an email or phone call with our Community Manager, Rick Heaton (Sapience) can help find where you're stuck and can get you headed in the right direction. But you have to reach out. The mission that we're on is too important. The kids we serve deserve the best from every one of us. The Guilds are the front lines. There are no more involved, compassionate, or determined a group within the Extra Life than you. One final bit of housekeeping that is very important. Several weeks ago we asked all leadership to submit a roster of their leadership team, complete with email addresses. There are still 20+ Guilds that have not sent that in to Rick. Please take 5 minutes to jot that down and send it to rheaton@cmnhospitals.org . Please please get this done now. This is it folks. The countdown clock just started it ain't stopping for anyone or anything. For The Kids, let's all commit to up our game and pull together to deliver the biggest result ever. Thank you for your weekends, your evenings, your heart and your soul. I promise you that the families that will benefit from your good work are both grateful and worth it. I truly love you, Guildies. In gratitude... Doc
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    We’re kicking off the “Design our T for a trip to E3” contest for the 5th year in-a-row! The contest is simple - submit a design for the Official Extra Life 2017 Platinum T-shirt and if your design wins, you and your best bud get airfare, two nights at a nearby hotel and passes to E3 2017 as Extra Life's special guests! Here's a complete list of the perks: Your design will become the official T-shirt design of Extra Life 2017 and end up in the closets of thousands of Extra Lifers A free* trip to E3 2017 in Los Angeles, CA on June 13-15 for you and a friend (includes airfare and a two night stay in a nearby hotel), two passes to E3 2017 and some new threads featuring your design. When people ask where you got such awesome apparel you can point to your brain and wink at them Your design will be inducted into the Extra Life T-shirt Hall of Fame HOW IT WORKS Register to participate in Extra Life 2017 here. Only designs of registered participants will be considered. Download and review these documents in full for submission details. Design Guidelines_2017.pdf Terms and Conditions_2017 Final.pdf 2017 T-shirt Contest_Required Files_Download.zip Submit your design here by Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, at 11:59 pm PST. The top designs will be selected by the Extra Life team and subject to voting by Likes on Facebook starting Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 12:00pm PST. Voting closes on Friday, May 12, 2017, at 12:00 pm PST and the design that garners the most Likes wins! The winner will be contacted and announced the same week. QUESTIONS? If your question is not answered within the Design Guidelines or Terms & Conditions/Official Rules documents, please leave a comment below or click here to email us.
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    One of the successes we had this year is with Five Guys Burgers. They do charity nights, where they let a charity come in for the evening (usually 5-8pm) and set up a table and promote the charity. 10% of all sales during that time period is donated directly to the charity (I'm not sure what form yet, our event is coming up April 14th). We are setting up an Extra Life table and holding a raffle for some prizes we had donated. So not only will we get the sales donation, but additional raffle money and increased awareness of Extra Life. And talking to the Manager, they don't mind doing it repeatedly throughout the year. Reach out to the manager if you have a Five Guys in your area!
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    Hi! My name's Kurt and I'm really glad to be a part of the Seattle Extra Life guild! I hope to become more involved with the Extra Life community as I get a foothold on this whole streaming business. I'm eager to get to know all of you and to tell my friends, family, and viewers about the impact we're making!
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    I hope I never hear a response like that, but I guarantee people think it. If doing something fun for a good cause is childish, we should all be more childish.
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    Overall I had a fantastic experience and really no complaints at all. One thing I think that could help make things run smoother and more on time would be have the brackets made up ahead of time. Since registration closes a few weeks before the event this could easily be done. Have times and station numbers posted for each matchup. This then makes it the gamers responsibility to be at the correct station on time. If a gamer is a no show after an allotted amount of time 10 minutes or so then they forfeit their round. This will keep the tournament moving and on schedule.
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    Hello friends! I have the pleasure of writing for an up and coming blog, www.bigheartedgamers.com. We are looking for gamers who make a difference through charity and action. What better place than Extra Life to find such folks, right? If you are a guild leader, member who wants to shine the spotlight on a fellow Extra Lifer, I want to hear from you! I am hoping for semi-regular spotlights from the Extra Life faithful. I look forward to hearing from you!
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    My experience can be described in one sentence... One of the most amazing experiences of my life. There is absolutely no way that I won't find a way to get back here next year. Not only did we all have a chance to meet each other and try and win some money for our local hospitals but meeting and talking to these kids and their families is a true inspiration and an experience that I wish everyone could go through. Hearing their stories and their perseverance, dedication and passion to life is truly one of the most amazing things someone can experience. To learn what these kids have to go through on a daily basis and being able to stay strong and happy really puts life in perspective. I really hope to see you all next year and maybe I can actually go to some parks with people this time, money was a bit tight this year. I took some pics as well. http://i.imgur.com/PBl7MK8.jpg http://i.imgur.com/b0G64jj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mrjo6HC.jpg
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    Hi all! Looking forward to meeting everyone and having some funtimes and shenanigains as we recruit. Western Washington has no idea what's coming this year, muahhhahahahaa... ahem. I mean, yeah, go guildies!
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    Hey, I'm Frank. It was awesome getting to meet the Seattle Guild last weekend. I'm excited to try having a more active roll in getting year round donations and recruiting more people to be a part of Extra Life this year.
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    I have since ELU spent quite a bit more time around the forums. I am noticing that about half of the posts that aren't guild specific have been rather negative in nature. It is something that I am not liking very much. I do also notice the some what irony in this post. I just want to remind everyone why we are doing this and it isn't about anything except being about the kids. That is the point and there is no other point besides that. Criticism is great and can help out a lot just make sure it is constructive and don't point out problems unless you are willing to also point out a possible solution it is just common courtesy. Also try to keep in mind that Extra Life as a organization isn't some massive company so some things will take some time to get moving. Be patient and always remember it is about the kids. *steps off soap box* Have a great day all.
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    Hello my name is Thomas and i would like to join your guys giuld and help raise money for childrens hospital.I can stream daily and i love to play video game (even though i suck on a couple of them).
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    First off, this year was 300% better than last year. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I plan to attend next year and bring my wife with me. With that said, some criticisms. Most of which I realize are Twitch issues and not ELU issues, but as Twitch played such a HUGE role in the entire experience, they wound up being ELU issues as this played a very large part in our overall experience. First, the abrupt last second change in the games was jarring for a few reasons. A lot of us practiced the announced games diligently. I purchased several of them (and an Xbox controller to practice Rocket League with) totaling probably somewhere around $150 for this purpose. While I 100% understand the reasons for the change (in fact, I was probably driving @DJThunderstix nuts bombarding her with questions about how it would work--would we use our own accounts, would we use tournament accounts with everything unlocked, etc etc), this was very poor planning. Keep in mind you have a huge community of gamers here. Some of us have not only participated in gaming tournaments in other contexts, but organized, run, cast, streamed and commentated them. Let us provide you with feedback in advance so this sort of thing doesn't happen. I've streamed competitive League of Legends and commentated it--it's a nightmare. Very doable with people who know the game, but you need a minimum of three to do it well. One to manage the camera, and two to commentate. In addition to that you need good synergy between them so the camera isn't off looking at something else while the commentators are talking about one thing. You'd need two computers for the casters--one for the camera and stream and one for the commentators to watch independently. And finally each match takes between 20 minutes and an hour. Second, the replacement games chosen, while fun, didn't feel a lot like PC games. Keep Talking was the only one that was not build to be played with a controller, and it's sorta a beast unto itself in that it's totally different than your rank and file PC game. I don't think I'm the only one who felt like I would have been just as well off as a PC gamer playing the console track since I spent the entire time with a controller in my hand anyway--at least I'm familiar with Rocket League and Madden and could have faked the rest. Unlike some of the earlier comments, I feel like slightly longer games would have been good. I went 0-3 (we'll get to why that's not a 4 in a minute) and felt like I played for a total of maybe 5 minutes. Ultimately I found myself wondering if I would have been better off with a spectator pass--I wanted to be there and wanted to enjoy ELU/Momentum, but felt like I didn't really get to be much of a part of the tournament outside cheerleading a guildmate who did really well. Third, the bracket and scheduling issue was poorly handled. As Rae mentioned, some of us (myself included) didn't get called to play until after lunch the first day. Had I known that in advance, that would have been fine. I might have slept in a few extra minutes, not inhaled my breakfast, and then not paced nervously wondering if I had missed the Twitch guys calling my name. As it was, I finally approached them to ask if I had missed my name being called and they up and threw me right into a match with someone on the spot. I also managed to entirely miss being called for Keep Talking. This must have happened in the space of the 3 minutes it took me to use the bathroom at one point, because outside of using the restroom twice, I never left earshot. This was immensely frustrating. Simply giving us the link to the bracket ahead of time or printing them out would have been fantastic. Had we been able to follow along roughly even without times on the schedule, we could have been more prepared and less likely to completely miss one of the events due to incredibly bad luck. And it would have meant my friends may have tried to tune in and watch instead of opening the stream in the morning, seeing tabletop, not knowing what was going on and turning it back off. To this moment I have no idea when I was supposed to play Keep Talking--I could have been one of the first up, or maybe it happened during the sound checks for the band and I never heard it. A bracket in my hand would have at least given me a rough idea. Fourth, gamer tags would be great. Heck, I got knocked out by a guy that I practiced Rocket League with and we didn't recognize each other right away because we had been using gamer tags (also wound up being the guy to win it all, which is my defense for being knocked out of the one game I knew and was pretty good at!). Congrats again btw @Loomin!! And while we're on that--originally it had been sold as a round robin style tournament where we would not be knocked out in single elimination. Unfortunately, it didn't feel like that. It felt like four mini single elimination tournaments and then a day of watching the finals. Granted other formats would have eaten time, particularly given the extremely slow start the PC track got (it wasn't until about 1 pm that it felt like things were actually moving along at a decent pace and all of the PCs were getting used) there are better ways to have done that. Round robin is a possible way to run it, though you would likely need to limit the number of participants for a given game. Another possibility is a double elimination bracket. That eliminates the issue that I faced this year (and last for that matter)--getting knocked out right away by someone who goes extremely deep into the bracket or even wins the entire tournament. I'll concede that I'm no pro gamer, in particular with the games we played, but nor was I getting crushed by everyone I practiced against at every game. Having a second chance at games, particularly the one I was familiar with, would have likely resulted in my not feeling like I had wasted my time competing (that's not sour grapes by the way--it's more that I enjoyed the heck out of being there but felt like participating in the tournament was almost an afterthought since I spent 5ish minutes of my entire trip competing). The positives: Playing with the kids was the highlight of the trip. In fact, I missed watching most of the finals playing with a little boy who walked up with Doc and wanted to play with me. We played until his mother came to get him, and not only did she thank me profusely then, she found me again later to thank me again. That was extremely humbling. Another similar thing happened during open play. One of the kids we were playing Duck Game with was enjoying himself immensely but it was getting late and his parents called him to go to bed. He was devastated, as young kids tend to be when they're having fun and are told it's bedtime. But while his mom escorted him away, his dad came back to ask what the name of the game was so he could find it for the boy, and when I ran into the boy the next day and offered him an Extra Life pin in case he didn't have one, both of his parents again thanked me up and down and asked me to remind them of the name of that game. The boy meanwhile was inviting me to go back to the gaming area with him to play some more--it had been taken down by that time but that didn't stop him, he wanted to check again just in case. It was again amazing to meet and spend time with so many other Extra Lifers, and it felt like we had even higher visibility this time around than we did last year. Or at least word is getting out--an awful lot of hospital reps from around the country stopped by and chatted with us about Extra Life. Some knew all about it. A few knew nothing about it. Having Steve Smith and John Lauck play on the stream was HUGE. Honestly, never mind Steve Smith (that was awesome, but he's not the one that mattered there)--the fact that John Lauck got up on our stage, on our stream, and played games with us before talking to us about Extra Life and how far we've come--that's where the gold is. It's amazing to hear from the CEO of CMN about Extra Life and makes it seem like we're gaining (for lack of a better term) momentum and legitimacy. I think in the past there has been a sense from some circles that Extra Life tends to get marginalized due to the stereotypes society puts on gamers and the unhealthy images that invokes which don't mesh with a hospital and health care setting. Having John Lauck show up and participate in our event told everyone that had that thought in the back of their minds that we're not a bunch of basement dwelling gamer trolls, but a legitimate force for good that is passionate and will do anything it can to help the cause. Holy cow the space! It tripled since last year!! Amazing! I understand we were also given the option of a lot more space but didn't get the turnout that was hoped for. Honestly, that's not a bad thing. In fact, I think if we had gotten the turnout ya'll were shooting for, it would have been an unmitigated mess. Tripling the number of participants would have overwhelmed the small group of volunteers and Twitch staff. Joking with some friends on the angels track about what it would have been like with 500 participants evoked terror. As it is we what, tripled from last year? One step at a time. A tenfold increase would have been overwhelming. Amazing growth, but let's not let our eyes get bigger than our stomach so to speak. Growing pains tend to be worse when growing too quickly. Have to second Rae's suggestion--a panel at some point for guild folks to kick around ideas would be great. We were at a huge conference! Let's have some conference time built in for those who want it! I know both last year and this year I fully expected some round table sessions or something more formal than sitting around the hotel bar discussing what we all do differently. Would love to see that next year (though I think a lot of learning happened over drinks, so that's not a bad thing either). Even if it's just a "here's the guild handbook, here's how we want you to use it, any questions" panel. There are only a handful of you guys and judging from my Facebook timeline, you're shuttling around the country most of the year. We've got you all in one place with all of us for a few days, let's find an hour or two to pick your brains! Hope that wasn't all too harsh. Extra Life means the world to me and I want nothing more than for it to continue to grow faster and faster, and I plan to be there with it all the way through. This is a lifetime commitment for me! I have the ink to prove it and my kids are already planning their own participation for the years to come.
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    It has been done. Decided to make the hearts a bit more dynamic than just an armband.
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    I was planning on doing something a little different this year. I wanted to do an Extra Life event every single month (as well as on the official day). The specific day in each month would be either a 12hr or 6hr stream because 24 might be a little hard to do that much. I was gonna go with a different theme each month. January: Sports February: Board / Card March: Indie etc.. Not real sure on the details of the specific months yet but was just an idea I had, what do you think>?
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    Why do you Extra Life? To make a difference! I wanted to do something more with my free time - I feel an obligation to give back and to do something worth while in the world, so I began researching charities. When I found Extra Life, I was immediately drawn to the cause. Help kids in need while I do an activity that I would have been doing anyway? NAILED IT. Not only that, but the CMN has such great "reviews" when it comes to putting donations to good use. I couldn't be more proud to be part of this organization. How long have you been participating? Since April/May of this year (2015) What Hospital do you play for and why? Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. It's my local CMN hospital and I wanted to make sure I chose a hospital that was within visiting distance. I want to do more than participate online - I want to be able to physically help out when the opportunity arises! Are you a member of one of our Guilds? The Atlanta Guild What do you do when you aren't helping kids? Other than a plethora of social media scrolling and Netflix watching? When I'm not gaming I spend time with my husband and I like doing creative things like work on my stream graphics, take pictures, read, sew, etc. Anything else you'd like your fellow Extra Lifers to know about you! I'm a bit animal obsessed....and I wish Hogwarts was real