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    We’re excited to announce the launch of the Tori’s Angels online initiative! This group, named in memory of Victoria Enmon, is a collective of experienced and active Extra Lifers who will be sharing their passion and knowledge of the Extra Life program in the Community Hub. Chiming in on everything from general discussions in the forums, to lessons learned through their own Guild experiences, and even helping manage the Extra Life Stream Team, this group of hand-selected volunteers is just lurking around the digital corner waiting to help answer your questions. They are a wealth of knowledge literally at your fingertips, especially if for some reason you can’t get ahold of Liz (@DJThunderstix) or myself (@LeaveIt2Beaver) The divisions of Tori’s Angels are: Community Mods This group will surfing the forums making sure no question goes un-answered: Extra Lifer Ben Trently from Maryland (@Ben.Trently) Extra Lifer Rick Spies from Colorado (@Bacchanalian) Extra Lifer Ben Tolson from Pennsylvania (@TheTolsonator) Extra Lifer Sean Rooney from Alberta (@Sean Rooney) Guild Experts This group will be helping Guilds in their respective regions by sharing their personal experiences and lessons learned from their time as Guild Leadership: Extra Lifer Shawn Todd from Massachusetts (@stodd.ELBoston) helping the Northeast Guilds (CT, DC, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NY, PA, VT, WV) Extra Lifer Greg Reynolds from Wisconsin (@Sgoast) helping the Midwest Guilds (CO, IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, WI) Extra Lifer Mike Sutton from Washington (@Mike) helping the Northwest Guilds (AK, CA, OR, WA) Extra Lifer Stephanie Mayes from Texas (@Klov3r) helping the Southwest Guilds (AZ, NM, TX) Extra Lifer Marcia Morgan from South Carolina (@Marcia Morgan) helping the Southeast Guilds (FL, GA, NC, PR, TN) Extra Lifers Mike (@LeaveIt2Beaver), Liz (@DJThunderstix), and Laurie (@Laurie@CMNCanada) from Extra Life National helping the Canadian Guilds Stream Team Lead This Tori’s Angel will be managing all-things related to the official Extra Life Stream Team including new applicants and the streaming schedule: Extra Lifer Lou Adduci from Colorado (@herobyclicking) There is also an Extra Life United Tori’s Angels group that is determined closer to the Extra Life United event date. Shout outs to Extra Lifers David Whelan (@Tiny415), Arthur Wilson (@KnightHarbinger), and Keith Wick (@Kwickxotic) for being part of Tori’s Angels at ELU 2016! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out the national team or any Tori’s Angel listed above! ----- Note: We know there are still hundreds of Extra Lifers that would be interested in joining Tori’s Angels. While we aren’t looking to add new members (yet!), if becoming a Tori’s Angel sounds like something you’d like to do, remain active on the Community Hub and keep helping out your fellow Extra Lifers
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    I made a couple of Extra Life donation alert gifs for my stream and for a friend. Thought I would share with the community in case anyone else would like to use one. Cheers! Edit: added fireworks
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    Huge thank you to @TeriLK for putting together some awesome guild logo designs. Below is the one we've chosen and will be moving forward with Woooo! Erin
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    Well I should have made this post ages ago but I will be coming as well. Can't wait to see everyone. I am thinking about flying in on Tuesday and leaving Sunday. EDIT: I am coming in on Tuesday and leaving Sunday hotel room booked next step flight
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    Overall I had a fantastic experience and really no complaints at all. One thing I think that could help make things run smoother and more on time would be have the brackets made up ahead of time. Since registration closes a few weeks before the event this could easily be done. Have times and station numbers posted for each matchup. This then makes it the gamers responsibility to be at the correct station on time. If a gamer is a no show after an allotted amount of time 10 minutes or so then they forfeit their round. This will keep the tournament moving and on schedule.
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    Hey guys, my wonderful wife made an image we can use for Pokemon Go events. She made it generic so it could be used by anyone. Enjoy! EDIT: Didn't realize I could upload it right to the Extra Life forum...
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    Hey, I'm Frank. It was awesome getting to meet the Seattle Guild last weekend. I'm excited to try having a more active roll in getting year round donations and recruiting more people to be a part of Extra Life this year.
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    I was planning on doing something a little different this year. I wanted to do an Extra Life event every single month (as well as on the official day). The specific day in each month would be either a 12hr or 6hr stream because 24 might be a little hard to do that much. I was gonna go with a different theme each month. January: Sports February: Board / Card March: Indie etc.. Not real sure on the details of the specific months yet but was just an idea I had, what do you think>?
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    Finally got my registration! I'm SO excited to be coming back- I'm ready to win big for my hospital!!!!
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    We had a few set backs but we're excited to start shipping platinum shirts this week! Check your inbox (maybe even later today?!?!?) for more info classic incentives are coming soon too!
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    First day is going well! Check out Jess promoting Extra Life at the booth remember to stop by and say hi if you're at EGLX this weekend and thank you so much to everyone volunteering their time to cover the Toronto Extra Life Guild/SickKids booth this weekend!
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    Gooooood morrrning NM Extra-Lifers!!! I am more than excited to be a part of the Albuquerque Extra-Life Guild and cannot wait to work closely with all of the participants I just met last night! You guys are way past cool. This opportunity to continue to not only give back, but to give back to kids here in New Mexico is extra special. There were a ton of great ideas and minds in that conference room last night and we will be crushing our recruitment goal, just an FYI for members who could not join us yesterday. My name is Bernardo (omni prime) Gallegos and I am currently a Sophomore Extra-Lifer, last year's experience was eye-opening to just how much I can give back in a few months time. I was a first time participant and plan on participating as long as Extra-Life is around. Having grown up with a love of video games and what some may consider a "normal" childhood, I was beyond floored by the opportunity to do something I love and give back to a fantastic group which supports our very own UNM-Children's Hospital patients. These kids have inspired me to bring Extra-Life into the lives of those around me and share with them the importance of these programs. Video games are a very powerful thing and I hope that I can share some of my favorite franchises and games and those wonderful experiences with others. My Extra-Life goal is to help this guild get the word out to vast gamer community that is here in New Mexico! Can't wait to see you all at the next Albuquerque Guild event! Also, thanks so much to each participant, Kathryn, UNM Children's Hospital, @DJThunderstix, and Extra-life for getting this group of amazing individuals together. I have a feeling that with this group we can make waves at Extra Life United 2017. I will leave links below for contact info and gamertags. -omni prime out Extra-Life -- XBox GT: omni prime -- Twitch -- Twitter -- Insta
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    Hey everyone! One of the "streaming tricks" I will be doing this year on are themes for the different holidays throughout the year. I find that making themed overlays & alerts, hanging festive background decorations, having holiday giveaways, etc., all add to the appeal and really help engage viewers. Halloween and Christmas were fun successes for me last year, so this year I'll be doing everything I can! Valentine's Day, 4th of July, etc. I purposely don't use a green screen so that I can utilize the wall behind me to hang decorations or even to post up a viewer's name and give them some special attention if I'm doing a giveaway or contest or something. For example, on Valentine's day I will be "giving away" personalized video game themed digital valentine's cards to donators and hanging hearts on the wall behind me with their name on it for the duration of the stream. I think it's important to find new ways to be interactive with viewers and bring in new people, and this is a tip that works for me! Happy Fundraising!
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    May I nominate Zyaldar? :3 He's been so influential to so many Extra Lifers on various platforms and has one of the biggest hearts I've known!
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    Don't know if anyone else is playing this, but working on some truck skins for ATS. Just one model of the Peterbilt 579, the day cab only right now. Working on more, but will be willing to share if anyone's interested.
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    So I put together a quick stinger (transition animation between scenes) for the upcoming Extra Life day and thought I might as well share it with everyone. I use a transition time at frame 42 or around 700ms but you can adjust according to your preference. I've put the link below to download it so you can use it on your own live stream. If you use it and want to show your appreciation just drop a few dollars onto my EL page: extra-life.org/participant/lsg Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B39NaTEjuYGSb28zVUdDOUwxajQ/view?usp=sharing
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    Hey everyone! It's that time of the year again. The Extra Life Helper has been updated for 2017. The big news is that the Helper just got a complete refactor under the hood. I'm happy to say that it is now a pure JavaScript application and no longer requires the Flash plugin to work! Besides a few visual tweaks, it looks and works the same as before. It's just a lot easier to setup and use. And it runs much faster and is more stable. In addition to removing the Flash requirement, I snuck in a few new features: Add your own custom donation alert sounds If you don't like the sound of the cash register and kids cheering when a donation comes in (I'm addicted to hearing that sound after 5 years) you can drop in your own mp3, wav, or ogg files and have them play instead. Donation alerts show donation messages If a donor included a message with their gift, it will now be displayed in the Helper. Add your own custom JavaScript code that fires when a new donation comes in If you know JavaScript and want to run your own code when a donation comes in, that's now possible. I added this because I wanted the HUE lights in my office to flash each time a donation came in but not make that part of the Helper itself. So I use that hook to make a call to my light bridge. If you have similar smart devices in your home, or a remote API you want to make a request to when a donation comes in, now you can. Please note: Previous versions of the Helper will continue to work in XSplit but will no longer work in OBS Studio as of right now. I highly encourage anyone who has used the Helper before to get the latest version. Instructions and download link have been updated: http://breadweb.net/files/extralife/ Enjoy! - bread
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    The guild will be celebrating our first anniversary as a guild by going to 16-bit bar and arcade up in Lakewood. 15012 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107 http://www.16-bitbar.com/cleveland Our reservation is for 6:30PM on 3/18/17. We hope everyone can make it out to play some games, have a few drinks and celebrate our first of many successful years. Please RSVP on here so we can give the staff there as close to a correct head count as possible.
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    It's too early to say if this results in increased support of Extra Life, but... Today I was doing some EL housekeeping for this year's event page and noticed that, at the end of 2016, my hospital had the pleasure of announcing an upgrade to their operating theater as a direct result of donations. So I wrote up a "here's a concrete way that you make a difference" email, including a link to the video about the new operating theater as well as a link to the hospital's most recent annual report. I also included information about the monthly donations option and an upcoming stream I'll be doing to get the fun started early this year. I know that when I donate to a charity, it's always nice to see where my money goes. So I encourage you to check out your hospital's website, or get in touch with their Extra Life rep, to see what's new and let people know that when they support Extra Life, they really do make a difference!
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    Looks like the 2016 Platinum T-Shirts are ready to ship out. Remember, you can get one of these as an incentive for raising $200 or more. Shout out to @SpectreSam, @SobeDog007, @MajorLinux and Jennifer Jolly for already earning theirs! Congrats!
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    Hey all, I just wanted to share our latest podcast. We had a great conversation with the Rooneys this weekend. What an amazing pair of human beings! There's a few audio problems, but if you can tolerate a bit of echo, it was a pretty great conversation!
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    Just Finished my first 24 hour @ExtraLife4Kids gaming Charity Event! on @Twitch! It was so much fun to do and I can not wait to it again!
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    @Sapience nailed it! Don't get discourage and just remember that no matter what people are saying, you are doing this for the kids! Whether people want to accept it or not, video games are the leading form of entertainment worldwide! If they're skeptical about you doing a marathon with gaming or think it's nothing, show them the numbers! Numbers never lie! Last year alone we raised over $8.3 Million and since 2008 we have raised over $21 Million for these kids! But it doesn't stop there. Extra Life is not the only nonprofit organization that raises money for a good cause. Look at Child's Play or the Games Done Quick (SGDQ and AGDQ) They too raise money through the power of gaming. The stereotype that people have put on us years ago is dead. Gamers are not selfish do nothings that live in their parent's basement. We are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends... etc. Want to really shock the naysayers? Tell them this: Women age 18 or older represent a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population (33%) than boys age 18 or younger (15%) source Gamers are a big deal and some people just don't know it yet. Educate them a little bit and maybe they will appreciate the work you do for these kids!
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    Everything is taking place in Veracruz Ballroom. If you can swing a room closest to that, it'd be ideal! But anywhere at Coronado Springs will be great.
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    Happy Tuesday! I'm excited to officially announce that I am the new CMN Hospitals representative working with Extra Life! Brittany Wilson has done an amazing job over the past few years helping build the Guild and working with each of you! Brittany is still on the CMN Hospitals team in Atlanta, but will be focused on a few other community partners in 2016. I am truly looking forward to working with each of you! I've met with the 2015 guild leaders and can already see how passionate and committed our guild is. We've raised over $68,000 in 2015 (hoping to hit $70k)....and over $7 million nationwide!!! CONGRATS!! Please do not ever hesitate to reach out with questions or ideas via beth.agee@choa.org and 404-785-7366. I'm fairly new to the gaming arena.....and appreciate your insights! Have a wonderful evening....and I hope to see many of you Sunday at our meeting! Beth Agee Program Coordinator, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation
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    Hey everyone, Andrew from StreamPro here. We are excited for the event and I just wanted to drop by and give you a quick update and answer some of your questions: - For anyone wanting to stream at 720p and having issues with the Extra Life theme, it is because the images and widgets in the theme are created for 1080p. You can remove those images from your overlay and instead use a resized version for your overlay size from the Broadcasting Toolkit here: http://community.extra-life.org/files/category/16-streaming-overlays/ - NerdOrDie has created a great quick-start video for connecting your Extra Life account and using StreamPro for the first time, you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejL9UxRu3TI - We also support showing your team goal at the same time as your personal goal now. I created a quick video showing the process here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KIte6zOAmM - You can use some of the information in the two videos above to learn how to create a very minimalistic overlay. The Extra Life theme is only an option to get you started quickly. After adding it, you can delete any of the widgets/images it uses, or change their settings to make it look however minimal you prefer. - We will be actively monitoring for any bugs or issues with the service during the whole event this weekend. Tweet us @StreamProIO or fill out the form on the support page if you have any questions or problems and we will get back to you ASAP! Thanks so much for checking us out, the community here is incredible and we are very proud to say that thanks to all of the awesome streamers, we have assisted with notifications for over $150,000 in donations to Extra Life so far, and we can't wait to see how the event goes this weekend!
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    Xbox One - Halo 5, Destiny, Titanfall, Gears of War, Madden 16, Witcher 3 PS4 - Destiny, CoD Black Ops 3, MGS V, Order 1886 PC - Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft II HoS, Hearthstone, Heroes IV.
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    Over the weekend, your Extra Life 2015 fundraising efforts passed a huge milestone in record time with our $2-Millionth dollar raised for sick and injured local kids. At this time last year, we had raised just over $1M For The Kids. It makes me so proud to be a part of this growing community of do-good-gamers. I know that we won't let our early success put us into cruise control as we head into these last few weeks leading up to Game Day. Let's keep up the pressure, let's keep bringing new friends and family members into the community, and let's turn in a miraculous total for the deserving families that benefit from our good work. Thank you to everyone that's put it all on the line this year. Welcome to anyone that's just discovering that, as a gamer, you can have a huge impact for kids in your community. Last year this community went on to crack the $6M mark. It seems even greater things are on the horizon. Incredible, generous work, team. Doc View full article
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    WOOT! 2nd year for me! I'll be in Orlando from the 3rd to the 13th, so if anyone wants to meet up and hit some parks, let's do it!
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    Signed up and ready for my second ELU! Can't wait to see all your beautiful faces again, or for the first time! Hopefully I find another Miami member to come along with me!
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    For the fifth year in a row, and the second with a full team, we're going to expand our game selection - more games of all sorts - add more teammates, do some video promos for our members and look into adding some outdoor games to keep us moving throughout the marathon
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    Hail to my new Foxxy friends!! I'm Minzy/Kit (either is fine) aka StarlitFoxx on all my streaming and social media. I met some of you at ECCC this year and have always heard great things!! All I can say is I am super excited to be joining and playing with like-minded awesome individuals in this quest to game for the kiddos!~ I moved to the Seattle area from the little town on Mulino, OR (that's about 30 mins or more south of Portland) in 2015, and have been doing my best to learn my surroundings and network best I can! I am moved by community events like LAN parties and other fun things, where networking is something of interest. I am studying for my CAPM (it's the associate degree of Project Managment Certs) I want to be a PM sooooo bad. I am sad I missed the Kickoff Meeting!! My streaming schedule conflicted Next time I'll be there, though!! So excited to meet more of you! ~Minzy OUT!
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    Hi everyone! With the launch of the new PSN Communities we've created an official Extra Life community. The community is simply named "Extra Life" and has no specific game attached. It's just a place for Extra Lifers to meet up and play with people from this amazing community, all across the world. The community is run by myself and the rest of the Extra Life team and the PSN ID that owns the community is ExtraLife4Kids. If it's logged in it's always one of us.
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    I'm planning on streaming Google Tilt Brush sessions to raise funds. Last night I set everything up and did a test. I figured I'd build a version of the Extra Life logo as my test. You can watch the whole thing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRo28rlPaGA Also! I forgot, if you want to download the image to use as a background or whatever I put them up on imgur here: https://imgur.com/a/C2N92 Feel free to use them however you want.
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    I am having WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much fun doing this!!!
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    Summer Steam sale....must....resist....buying....spree.....aaaahhhhhh!!! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I257 using Tapatalk
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    Extra Life Ottawa guild has been live at their hospital's telethon for about 18 hours already! Sorry I didn't post it yesterday. Anyways feel free to go give them a visit and say hi! https://www.twitch.tv/pxabstraction is the one broadcasting, though https://www.twitch.tv/extralifeottawa is hosting. Great work gang!
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    Hey Andrew, I'm still interested in setting up some sort of event with extra life. I'm putting a band together for the occasion with the intent of playing a lot of the video game cover songs that I do ( youtube.com/FHamiltonmusic for those interested) - I think it'd be great to have live music as well as possibly a Mario Kart tournament happening as well? Something along those lines. It'd be a couple months before it could happen, but it's something I'm working toward. Let me know if I can clarify anything or help out in any way.
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    Ya'll are awesome.. ALWAYS appreciate your ideas and patience with us as we work long and hard to keep making this the best online community out there!
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    Hi everyone! My name is Jess and I am beyond happy that we are starting a guild together! This fall will be my fourth Extra Life event and I'm so excited to see what kinds of goals we can reach this year. Can't wait to see everyone on the 31st! Jess (Foxracinggurl) *Edit* Feel like I should give a bit more about myself.. I live about a hour north of Toronto. My educational background is digital media and video game design. Lots of experience in online communities and some experience running booths at conventions. I love taking photos, crafting, and basically any type of digital media content creation. Each Extra Life event I have changed it up and tried different goals. The whole adventure has been very humbling and I can't wait for us to spread the word!
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    Hello everyone my name is Melissa and I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I just joined Extra Life after thinking about it for a while now. I have worked with UNM Children's Hospital before and had the great privilege of having a tour of the wonderful hospital and program they have going there. I want to help the kids as much as I can from over here. I hope to be able to attend a meeting with you guys soon and meet everyone.
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    This one? I think it ROCKS! It also makes me insanely jealous that I'm not the one coming to launch your guild.
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    Yes we'll be streaming Extra Life United on our channel, http://twitch.tv/extralife4kids.
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    @herobyclicking summed it up well. I would encourage you to keep it local. Going to national organization could actually conflict with some of our partnerships we have and are trying to create. Having two people (or three, or five, or twenty) suddenly showing up in an inbox asking for items and or assistance for the same thing can cause confusion and puts everyone in a difficult position. Especially where we have to then try to explain why a participant might be contacting a company claiming to be us when we already have a relationship or understanding at a national level. For local things, like local comic and game shops, that wish to contribute items you can work with your local hospital to make that work. They are an actual charity and can work with local businesses in terms of tax receipts, etc. The legal issue can crop up depending on your state raffle and give away laws. Though you should also be very aware of how you're representing your self. Even once you have a Guild. As you'll be getting a Guild in the next month or so, I'd recommend reading through the Guild Handbook. It's expectations and policies for all Guilds. There's a section on exactly this topic.
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    Pretty neat! Once your Guild is officially launched, the members of the guild can decide if you want that as your logo and submit it for approval. By the way, I'll be seeing you all in Akron as I'll be launching your guild! Info still to come! Oh and... BLIMP!
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    My Dimensions addiction in an info graphic... If it's dark I either don't own it because it's Chima/Ninjao or hasn't been released yet. This is current as of yesterday. My infinity collection isn't quite as bad, but it's getting there.
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    I give you all a ton of credit for doing this. I could never commit to gaming every day like this, so good luck to you all next year!!
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    Hello new and current Heroes for Riley! I am Oliver Wojtyna, the PR guy for the Indianapolis Guild. I want to welcome you to the Indianapolis Extra Life (EL) Guild Community. Here is where we'll be disseminating all our events and future information about Guild activities. Please check back often to keep up with us and participate when you are able. I'd like to introduce you to our Guild Leadership: @PrincessPeach - Amie Wojtyna - President@kstrehan - Kevin Trehan - Vice President@cthooloo - Kevin Steindorff - SecretaryThe Indianapolis Guild is in its 2nd year of existence and is very active in the Indy community. We have partnered with eBash as our home base for monthly meetings, events and Guild camaraderie. We are always looking for opportunities to get out in the metro area and spread the good word about Extra Life. We regularly attend conferences, midnight releases and other such events, even adding symphonies this year! This year we had a presence at Comic Con, Pop Con and, our proudest achievement, Gen Con. Most of our members have participated in Extra Life for 4+ years and are dedicated to making Extra Life a household name on par with Dance Marathon or the Komen Walk. We can't do that without YOUR help! Please come to our next meeting and engage with us in this fun and exciting way to fundraise For The Kids! Feel free to click on any of the links and send our officers a message or just reply below and we'll get connected! Looking forward to it! Be well, do good work and play excellent games!
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