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    I literally did not consider ever using this feature until someone asked if it existed... So, um, anybody actually see this?
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    My first extra life event was August 25th of 2018 and we raised $189! September 29th doing another 12 hour charity stream for Extra Life hoping to raise more money.
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    It's a day early but doesn't mean you can't come say hey while we stream #ElderScrollsOnline via Restream.io
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    Day 1/100: Played Atlas Reactor Real Time Strategy Game
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    Curious if you used the dashboard that was created last year by some of the members of Team Nerdery. I saw you liked the post so just was curious if you used it. We are looking for feedback and stories of impact it had on your team. Thanks
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    Hello Stodd, just finished a 72hour stream trying to raise money for Boston children's hospital. I work at MGH nephrology lab and currently studying for MCAT. Found out about ExtraLife and am trying to get more involved. Looking to join the Boston group if you'll have me. Kind Regards, Michael Charara Twitch stream: Twitch.tv/VastChoice
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    It was fantastic meeting you and your husband this weekend!
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    Join me for part 2 of TLG over on the #ExtraLife channel! Let's spread the word #FTK! https://t.co/fjTfl5ZYYg
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    If you speak with him about me joining the team, just tell him to invite me through Beam. Beam.Pro/GSkill92
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    Congrats on the new position with the Nashville Guild!
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    I just raised $50.00 for local CMN Hospitals thru Extra Life. You can donate too! https://t.co/f1cgF7JhDQ #EXTRALIFE
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    2016 - first year for TeamDtown - family gaming with Dad, son, and daughter (Mom, too!)
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    Getting ready to talk to a whole lot of PAX Prime attendees! Always so many interesting people and a multitude of reasons why they want to participate once they learn about what we are doing.
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    Got my community profile page going: http://community.extra-life.org/profile/449-bjwyler/
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    Carol and I at the guild launch meeting tonight.
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    Cupcakes i've been making
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    Hi Rick, I am really looking forward to the guild meet up in Toronto. I was hoping you'd be able to let me know who I can contact for this - I would like to put my name in the ring for president of the guild in Toronto. I am a hardworking, organized individual who has personally spent time in the Toronto SickKids hospital. It holds a special place in my heart and I am more than thrilled for this opportunity. Thanks.
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    Today, I collected my first donation of 2016
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    I love how you guys took your profile photo at the Guild Meeting last night..
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    Hi hi...exploring the Extra Life forum software. I don't use Facebook anymore but the people I do still keep in touch with are all Extra Lifers and Twitter isn't too good either so... Wondering how viable communications are here
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    Thank you for all you do for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin!
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    Curious who is really digging into the site with all the new changes. What does everyone think?
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    Thanks for the follow on Twitch! Also, this is my first time posting on somebody's profile! Wheeeeeeeeeee!
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