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    Yass! Finally! Does this mean only a matter of time until we have guild super teams? I hope I hope I hope...
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    Shared with my guild a few weeks ago, came in handy for our local Comic Con Thanks all!
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    Most obscenely #DopeUniverse materiale. ;0 ;~) o/
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    can't wait to start playing with this as I gear up for my first year fundraising for extralife
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    This is awesome, I loved the last one..."Joe Never Fails" Epic!!!! I am going to be shaving my head live on my stream IF I hit my goal of $2,000 and then donating the hair to children for use through Locks For Kids. Yeah I have long hair...if you wanna help me reach that goal and watch me suffer the consequences then please visit my page at Nick's Extra Life Page
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    @SupeRaven Fixed! Sometimes the site does wonky things with links. Thanks for pointing that out!
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    @MrD1sturbed..speaking of.....
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    Hey @TheTolsonator - Glad to hear the registration app came in handy for the Guild! These apps are more for the entire community and are focused on helping people fundraise. Check 'em out!
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