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    OK so here are the ones I've used in the past: (they have an Extra Life integration, still seems to work although I'd seen mention they no longer support EL): Here's an example of an overlay I built If Streampro doesn't work, use - goodness it's changed a lot since I last used it. Looks good though. An app built by a fellow Extra Lifer! Another app built by a fellow Extra Lifer! I use this one the most because it can output just text files, which you can then use in a variety of ways through your streaming software. Once I figured out how to install the Furore font on my computer this was the best way to go for me. Generally you're looking for cool ways to show your amount raised, possibly your goal and then how to display donation alerts. Hope these help!
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    Would love to have you join Cawzy. I am not sure yet what Psyonix is sending in the way of Rocket League swag but the first place team will get their choice of any game they want (up to $60 value) for each of the 3 team members, and I have some Rocket League codes for Xbox and PC I could use as prizes if people want to have it on their other gaming platform.