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    Have you been hungering for a gaming LAN in Nashville? Not only is Extra Life's Nashville guild bringing that to you, but absolutely free of charge! We're holding a 12 hour gaming marathon, Half Life, Next Saturday, June 24th in the hospital theater and conference room. Anyone and everyone is invited! We'll have a section dedicated to console and tabletop gamers, along with a separate room for the PC master racers. We're also holding three tournaments in: Rocket League, Mario Kart, and Tekken 7 (keep your eyes on more details to come) and a bunch of HUGE giveaways throughout the day. The one and only requirement is that you signup on! That's it! Check out our Eventbrite page for more information and registration! See you guys next weekend!
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    Though E3 proper hasn't yet begun, the pre-E3 press conferences have! This year, we are going to be capping off each day with a podcast discussing the news of the day with the talented bunch of people we've collected to cover the year's biggest gaming trade show. Day three covered a lot of ground between Ubisoft and Sony. The two industry titans threw out some pretty exciting announcements, like a completely overhauled Shadow of the Colossus for the PS4 and confirmation that, yes, Beyond Good & Evil 2 exists. Jack Gardner, Marcus Stewart and Naomi Lugo cover the basic, need-to-know announcements from the day. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the show with us! View full article
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    Hi @Carbonskies! Are you familiar with streaming at all? I don't want to give you too much information that you already know, so I'll start by just explaining what I do! If you have any specific questions about anything, just let me know. This will all be programs, but I have a panel for all my tech specs here if you need advise on that. Set Up I use OBS to broadcast to Twitch (I also use the BTTV extension). I have an Elgato HD that I use for console capture through OBS, otherwise if you are playing on PC you don't need anything extra. I use Twitch Alerts for follower and hosting notification. I also use the TwitchAlerts Stream Label Chrome extension for recent follower text on my overlay. I use the Twitch Giveaways Chrome extension to roll for random giveaway winners. I use Nightbot as my mod and have timers and commands for Extra Life that run in my chat. I use to create a setup for Extra Life donation alerts, and I save that in OBS as a CLR Browser streampro I used Snaz last year as my 24 hour timer when I did my Game Day marathon, so I'll use it this year unless I find another program. In regards to Extra Life, there are a few overlays and images you can upload into your OBS scene so that they display on your stream. Here is the link to some! I also have a button in my Twitch panels that links to my donation page. You just need to Edit Panel on Twitch, upload an image like the ones linked below, and in the URL field insert the link to your personal donation page. All Downloads Interaction Here are some talking points and additional materials you can use to promote Multimedia Kit Talking Points The rest is just up to you to have some fun! Stay positive and have a clear message when you want to talk about Extra Life. Focus on the benefit to the hospitals and explain that we fundraise all year long. The 24 Hour Game Day is a celebration of our year's work. There's nothing specific you need to do outside of having your link available for people to donate or register on the site. The rest is just fun optional stuff. I'm sure you will get a TON of great feedback from other streamers here. Good luck and let us all know if you need anything else!
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    So I was having issues with my stream looking terrible. Skipping, lagging, stuttering, etc. I tried everything. I changed from using XSplit to the default software that came with my Elgato capture card, and still had the same issues. I tried setting all settings as low as they could go, and that would work for a little while, but after a few minutes the issues would start happening again. It was so bad that my stream was basically unwatchable. After lots of troubleshooting, I figured out that Gigabyte (my laptop's manufacturer) installs a "LAN Optimizer" program on the computer by default, which is meant to prioritize certain apps in different situations. And, lo and behold, none of the apps I was using to stream were set at high priority. So basically, this software was throttling my streaming software. I like the idea of this LAN Optimizer app, so instead of just disabling it all together, I decided to just go ahead and set XSplit and the Elgato software as high priority. This solved all my issues immediately. Just figured I'd throw my experience out there for anyone else who may end up having similar issues.