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    Thank you to all who were able to make it out to the meeting last night! Here's a quick outline of what you missed, and attached is the full deck of slides we reviewed. Congratulations again to Aaron Linde for winning the Guild Member of the Year Award, and huge thanks as always to Betsy and Kira our partners at Seattle Children's! Seattle Guild Kickoff notes 34 attendees 1. Intros and PowerPoint deck a. Kira b. Betsy c. Mike d. Josh e. Shell f. Stacey 2. Virtual tour - Up to 500 beds served by 2030! 3. Jake and Annie Colley intro and William’s story (“William Watch” on Facebook) 4. Extra Life Overview 5. Tori’s Story video 6. Stacey talks Social (TL/DR feel free to DM them with what you need!) a. When are you most active? b. What is the most helpful engagement? c. What can SC social media do differently? 7. Guild basics 8. Senior member volunteers - If you are interested in helping with any of the special teams, feel free to hit us up or comment below. 9. GAME DAY IS NOV 4TH! 10. Congratulations and thanks to Betsy and Kira 11. Guild Member Achievement Award – Aaron Linde, Superstar! 12. Leadership Thank yous 13. Trivia results and prizes 14. Wrap-up and photo Extra_Life_Powerpoint_Presentation_FINAL_2017.pptx
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    Hello Kansas City Extra Lifers! I just wanted to take a second to invite you to an Extra Life event that LeagueKC is hosting next month at SoPro Gaming. It will be League of Legends focused but if you don't play, there will still be plenty to do, see and raffle prizes to win! If anyone is interested in hosting an Extra Life booth or helping out sell raffle tickets or anything at the event, please let me know, we can always use a few extra hands! Here is the link to the Facebook event and here is our website with more information on the event.
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    Why isn't ELU listed on the MArch Calendar? I could pop it in there, but then that would be colored for the Albany Guild... and while I would LOVE to claim ELU as an Albany Guild event... I don't think that would be kosher. @DJThunderstix @LeaveIt2Beaver any idea? I could have sworn it was there last year.
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    Hello everyone! Our hospital advisors have asked us for ideas for giveaways (all would be customized with logos). They would like to order some for us to have at events as incentives for signing up and to help spread the word. We discussed some ideas at our meeting last night, but I wanted to put this out there to the community to see if anyone else had any ideas of things that worked/didn't work. Our ideas were: USB wall/car chargers Custom dice / dice bags (our friends at The Malted Meeple got info for us about dice) Foam swords (this one was popular at a local KidsFest event) Lanyards Buttons In the past, we've had: Foam boomerangs Pencils (not terribly popular, but cheap) Pens Color-changing cups (temperature) Folding phone stands Keychains
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    I have done bracelets as well. In small batches. We have a small CMN hospital, so its hard find funding for promotional items. Pens are kind of lame, but everybody actually needs them and uses them.
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    Thanks @Xeserox! I just added it in....as well as added an ELU 2017 album in the gallery page
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    Extra Life United - our annual gaming tournament will be happening at Coronado Springs resort in Walt Disney World! We'll be streaming the tournament portion starting Friday, March 24th 12:30pm EST on the Extra Life Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/extralife4kids Thursday, March 23rd (all times Eastern Standard Time)* 7pm - 8pm: Welcoming Meeting 8pm - 11pm: Open Gaming with Champions *This portion will not be streamed Friday, March 24th (all times Eastern Standard Time) 9:30am - 12:30pm: General Session and Medal Ceremony 12:30pm - 11:30pm: Tournament Play Saturday, March 25th (all times Eastern Standard Time) 11am - 6:30pm: Tournament Play 6:30pm - 7pm: Closing Ceremonies
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    We have had great success with dice. We've also had those rubber bracelet things and those worked as well. We've wanted to try buttons but haven't. We've discussed giving out buttons that say "I registered for Extra Life" so people wear them and others ask about them at cons...but we haven't done it yet. Lanyards seem to be popular with other vendors at cons but we haven't tried them for us. We usually just do dice.
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    I didn't get anything either so I am guessing no
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    Join me for part 2 of TLG over on the #ExtraLife channel! Let's spread the word #FTK! https://t.co/fjTfl5ZYYg
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    Yep there sure is! When you are logged into your page, click the "Dashboard" button at the top left. Then on right side of the page you'll see a blue box, scroll down to the "Event Information" section and you'll see a link for "Change Team Membership." Click on that and it will allow you to join or create your team! Also, no need to apologize! Ask us anything! If you have questions on whether it's the site or Extra Life or fundraising, we are here!
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    Hello, I recently joined up to participate this year. In the past I've donated to others, but for 2017 I want to raise money for a local hospital. I even got a local game store to agree to host a 24 hour marathon at the store. I'm really excited!
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    I will already be on site helping another vendor with their setup and am also planning to try and help with general Oddmall setup on Friday so if you need any help getting the Booth put together I should be around. Count me in for the 10-2 on Saturday Depending in things I might even be able to help till 6. I will also be able to help with tear down, if needed, as I will already be on site helping a vendor/oddmall with their clean up efforts.
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    Thursday is opening ceremonies and gaming with the kids - we did this after the tournament last year, this year it's at the start. I know some people are considering a park visit Thursday before opening ceremonies. I'm on the fence as I just want to spend time with as many friends as possible!
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    Because I want to win all the moneys for my hospital.
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    I don't like this thread... To much competition... Also, Star Realms... Just the base Deck, or we popping Colony Wars into that as well?
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    Also, I am 100% aware I am probably over-thinking and over-worrying. But, I'm a planner so I just like to know as much info about things as possible
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    This looks like a good place to say hello, so here we go. I'm Kevin, FlyingTurtle45 on Twitch. My first year Extra Lifing was 2016, and I'm excited to be back for year 2. Why do you Extra Life? I got involved last year on the spur of the moment--I saw an ad on Twitch about it, and decided to see what the deal was. I work with charities as part of my job, and I already give blood regularly, so Extra Life combines nicely with stuff I already do. Also, I had considered doing charity streaming, and I liked that EL had an infrastructure set up--I don't have to touch any money, and I think that helps viewers feel comfortable giving. How long have you been participating? 2017 will be my second year. I did the national day in 2016, and the day went pretty well, despite having missed my fundraising goal. I'm hoping to get ideas from the forums to improve my fundraising game so that I hit my target this year. What Hospital do you play for and why? University of Kansas Medical Center--it's local, so it makes sense. Are you a member of one of our Guilds? Not at the moment. What do you do when you aren't helping kids? I work a lot, and I'm usually playing games or doing a puzzle or reading or somesuch. Sometimes I have to take out the trash. I think that'll do for now. If you bump into me out there, certainly feel free to say hello.