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    Come find the Seattle guild(with help from the Vancouver, BC guild!) at PAX Prime this year! We'll be manning the booth all 4 days of PAX from open to close! Bring anyone to our booth that you'd like to get signed up for Extra Life!
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    For Saturday I think it went rather well, albeit Andocon being a small convention. I believe Saturday We were able to get 12 people to sign up. I am curious how much we received total. The biggest suggestion for next year if we do Andocon again would be to see if we can have space in the game room instead of the dealer's room. We aren't selling anything and if we were to have a table that we can play games with the people there I think that will help convince others to join us. Especially since I don't think even half the people there went into the Dealer's room at all.
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    Ashley and I have already recruited 7 people last night at SoPro's Lockin. I suggest if you do any of the SoPro events is to catch them when they enter the facility before they get to gaming. you will get a better interaction with the players.