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Amanda Lynn

2020 WVU Children's Extra Life

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Hello all!


I wanted to welcome you all to the 2020 fundraising year!  If you haven't done so, please register at www.extra-life.org and select WVU Medicine Children's Hospital (this is the only recognized CMN Hospital in WV).


I'm sure since you are on this page you are aware of what Extra Life is, if you are not then....


Extra Life Charity was established in 2008 in Orange, TX.  This charity raises funds for local CMN Hospitals through gaming.  Yes, you read that correctly, gaming!  This can be video games (I know you love your Zelda and Mario), board games (yes Monopoly as frustrating as it is counts), card games (Pokemon, cause you know you gotta catch em' all), even sports (you want to play Quidditch then hop on your broom and catch the snitch!).  Whatever you classify as gaming, go out and do it!  Remember in school when you did those hoops for heart or jump for heart, well Extra Life is very similar.  You register to participate and you ask your friends and family to sponsor or donate to your name and then you just play. Extra Life dedicates one day a year to play for 24 hours, but you don't have to.  If you are up for that challenge then by all means, go for it!  


Anyways, last year our state out did themselves in fundraising.  It was our best year yet!  We raised nearly $40,000!  That is amazing!  We couldn't do it without our amazing Extra Lifers all over the state.  You all rocked it!


This year we are going to push harder and try and go farther, but we need your help!  We will be holding a Guild Kickoff meeting on Feb 1st at the WVU Children's Hospital.  We will be presenting a check to the hospital for the 2019 fundraising year and setting our new goals for the year.  I'd love to see as many Extra Lifers as we can at this event.  Please RSVP by Jan 29th so we can get a final headcount.


Please let our leadership team (myself, Dave or Rebecca) know if you need any help or have any questions.  Our amazing hospital reps Ashley and Sam are here to help in anyway, shape or form!  They are truly amazing.  Also, senior guild members are another great resource.  Don't be afraid to reach out and ask!  Also, our state has a Facebook Page that is updated pretty frequently.  Be sure to check it out and join it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/675951999181654/


So go, play games and heal kids!



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