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November 2019 Meeting Minutes

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Here's the notes from the meeting this past Saturday!


    - Sarah
    - Drew
    - Ashley 
    - Aaron
    - Brandon
    - Damon
    - Gary
    - Mike
    - Dustin

- going to talk to Cindy about getting resources from Hank / Children's National to help support table efforts in the DC area
    - CN is getting good results and it would be great if we could get more help running tables in the DC Metro area.
- event channels for next year have been added to Discord
- holiday party on 12/14
- laser tag social on 1/18
    - paypal pool set up 
    - 2 games - $15
- MAGFest - 1/2 - 1/6
    - getting us a marketplace table
    - MAGFest is selling some dice and hot pants and donating some proceeds (maybe?)
    - we have free reign over table
        - silent auction, paid raffle, and donations all okayed
- Katsucon - 2/14-16
- Farpoint - 2/21-23
- Johncon - 4/10-12 JHU event 
    - same day as Saturday meeting
    - very small event, small staff coverage (maybe just set out some fliers)
- Awesomecon - 5/1-3
    - applications are now open
    - will probably not hear back until closer
- Blerdcon - 7/17-19
    - not contacted yet
- Otakon - 7/31-8/2
- Cecil Con, Gamescape, and Prattcon don't have dates yet 

- BGSO will be doing an event next November and will donate all proceeds to Extra Life
    - expected $3-5k donation
- need to run new signage through the marketing committee in time for MAGFest 

- going to try and arrange more events between the guild and the BGSO and WMGSO organizations
    - would like to get an insert or have someone speak before the performance to let pople know who we are before they come to the table
    - more specific signage at the table to start the conversation and we just have to close the signup 
    - very limited time to interact with people
    - invite them to tour the hospital and have events specifically tailored to networking with these organizations instead of just inviting them to a guild meeting 
- Goals for 2020:

2020 Leadership Projects

‣ Timecounts Training Video
‣ Discord Training Video
‣ Pitch Video/Training
‣ Overcoming Objections Video/Training
‣ Extra Life Overview & Talking Points Video/Training
‣ Facilitate Committees until they're running on their own
‣ Write Organizational Plan and local Guidelines/Bylaws


2020 Social Committee Goals

‣ Plan and host at least 4 social events
‣ Help with planning of fun meetings - i.e. Holiday Meeting, Year End Celebration, and "Summer Break"
‣ Engage with our local Extra Lifers via monthly hospital/CMN communications and the Extra Life Baltimore Facebook page
‣ Help with planning of pre-Game Day meeting open to the whole community


2020 Marketing Committee Goals

‣ Establish a social media posting schedule with shared responsibility content
‣ Design and order new booth kit
‣ Design signage for raffles and silent auctions
‣ Design and order updated business cards
‣ Design and order updated paper marketing materials
‣ Improve quality of links page
‣ Maintain up to date calendar of Events on Facebook, promote and measure success where applicable
‣ Design storefront for volunteers to order branded gear


2020 Outreach Committee Goals

‣ Facilitate 3 fundraising events with local businesses and organizations
          ‣ Wingman
          ‣ Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra Benefit Concert
          ‣ TBD
‣ Recruit 3 student organizations to do Extra Life fundraising
‣ Connect with Game Stop locations and thank them for their fundraising efforts
‣ Evaluate and develop low-effort opportunities from events, hand-off high-effort/high-reward opportunities to hospital rep

- Holiday Meeting
    - stupid gift exchange
    - eat food
    - do some business stuff, but then hang out and play games / do holiday related stuff 
    - white elephant / yankee swap gift exchange
    - severna park library 
    - 12/14
    - some food will be provided but we will assign a potluck style food for each person to bring 
    - bring possibly but not necessarily holiday themed games
    - Ashley will buy lots of decorations for the room
- Extra Life medals are a good draw to the table 
    - if possible get some extras from Extra Life 
    - if not people who are willing to bring theirs to the table would help 
- April 24th - BGSO concert
- May 30th Baltimore War Memorial - BGSO concert
- May 16th - WMGSO concert

- please remember to RSVP to events on timecounts. It helps us keep track of who worked how many hours and get people the recognition they deserve :)

- on your timecounts hub:
    - you can check your volunteer hours
    - bar at the top when you're logged in -> opportunities 
    - left menu -> assignments
    - committee applications are open all the time
    - If you are interested in an officer position, applications are open from now until 11:59pm the day before the kickoff 
    - please apply before Feb 1st
    - marketing committee social post are available to sign up for in week long shifts

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