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October 12th 2019 Meeting Minutes

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Hey guys, sorry this is so late going up but I wanted to post the notes I took during the 10/12/2019 meeting:





Miracle Family:
LJ (3 yrs old), Alena, and Wes Fuhrman
- shared their story of LJ 
- was on his own chemo regiment until May 2019
- was able to finally get vaccinated last week!
- Extra Life funds let LJ play and feel like a normal kid while getting his 2-3 hour chemo therapy 5 days a week.
- everyone's schedule revolves around Bingo on Wednesdays (families don't want to get discharged until after Bingo on Wednesday!)

- 2 new people came out
    - Guy and Sarah 

- Sarah went through her presentation (get slides)

- handouts were given out with various statistics and information that Extra Lifers can use when fundraising and talking about Extra Life on game day (get infographics)

- Child Life specialists are able to explain what is going to happen to the kids and the parents in a way that everyone can understand. 

- Antonie, Mike, James, Sarah, Gary, and Drew shared their experiences raising money and doing game days for Extra Life 
- urgent fundraising 
    - people are more likely to donate when there's a sense of urgency. If you post the same content very frequently it can get ignored by people and social media algorithms. 
- put your money where your mouth is. People are much more likely to donate if your campaign isn't sitting at $0
- go outside of just game day
    - talk to businesses or earn money in other ways (James sold lunches for donations)
- use the Extra Life marketing kit videos in your game day
    - let your viewers connect to the kids and the hospital
- update your goal if you hit your initial goal 
- utilize multiple channels
    - make FB, etc posts and videos while your break videos are playing 
    - be aware of restream restrictions if you are a Twitch Affiliate or partner. If you are, your Twitch content must remain exclusive for 24 hours before being uploaded to other sites. If you make posts or videos for other sites, make sure it's unique content.
- send emails! Social media is great but email is personal and guaranteed to reach people who have donated in the past.
- asking for donations on your birthday instead of gifts gets a good response. 
- talk to your family at Thanksgiving! It's the perfect opportunity to catch people who missed your game day. You can even do donations through the mobile app
- Drew donates 10% of all of his channel's Patreon revenue to Extra Life.
- Gimmicks and rewards for raising certain dollar amounts help drive donations. Mike gets pied in the face for every $25 donation. Drew donates $1 per death over the 24 hours. This kind of thing needs to be planned ahead but challenging viewers to match you can get great results

- Smash Bingo is in the works
    - Drew and Ashley would be heading as Otakon reps
    - would need some additional volunteers
    - would be supplemental to Game Room 

- Bingo World trip October 24th 7:00 
    - At least $20 to play
- just shy of $26k raised (50% higher than last year)
- 443 gamers recruited (below last year 631)
- in the middle of the Gamestop campaign until Nov 4th
    - if you're near or at a Gamestop introduce yourself and say thank you for all the money they've raised.
        - guild leads will get official thank you letters to hand out
- 2019 Guild shirts will be covered by the budget. Optional Bingo shirts may happen depnding on interest.

- Skyline is hosting a huge event on Game Day
- $60 tickets at town hall in westminster

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