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Extra Life Donation Tracker Releases

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Rather than continue to hijack the thread where I was calling for features and coders, I'm starting this new thread for new releases. Of course, you can always subscribe to the releases on github.


Github page: https://github.com/djotaku/ELDonationTracker


What does this software do? Well, on either Windows or Linux (wherever you choose to game) you can run this program with a GUI or on the commandline to generate text files from the Extra Life data. You can then use these text files in OBS or XSplit to update as donations come in as you play.


Current release: v2.2.3 - https://github.com/djotaku/ELDonationTracker/releases/tag/v2.2.3  See below for v3.2!!!

I'm about to release v2.5, but it doesn't add any extra functionality. It adds in unit tests for people who want to help with development and for me as I refactor the code for better maintenance.


If you have issues and need a bug fix, the best and fastest way to contact me is by making an issue on Github. (That's basically a bug report, but you can also use it for a feature request) Second best would be in this thread.


I've got a bunch of instructions on the github page on how to use the software. See 3.0 release for the latest instructions on how to use the software.

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Current Release: v3.0

Release URL: https://github.com/djotaku/ELDonationTracker/releases/tag/v3.0


Release notes:

Lots and lots of changes - some user-facing and some in the background, running more efficiently. (Or more maintain-ably)

  • In the GUI start/stop should reload the config now - no more need to restart the GUI. So if you change something in the configuration after you've started running the script, just hit stop and start again.
  • I have added the ability to persist the settings. No longer do you have to re-enter your settings when you upgrade. It will save to the XDG-recommended location on Linux and the equivalent on Windows. Because of this, the config file has a version now (in case I add new fields). When you start the GUI with an outdated version it will ask if you want to start from scratch or update your configs by opening settings, double-checking what's there and hitting save (or persist - depending on whether you want to persist your settings or just save within the folder you just extracted).
  • You now have the ability to change number of donations put into the text files. So if you want to display more than 5 donations on the screen (vertically or horizontally) you can now show any arbitrary number of donors and donations. See the settings button (or file) for that option.
  • I do have one "breaking" change for this release - some of the filenames have changed both to reflect the fact it no longer saves only 5 donations or donors and because I've realized that there is a difference in the API between donors and donations.

So enjoy all that!

With all those changes there's bound to be a bug that slipped in there (I hope not, but .... I'm only human) so please file an issue if anything is not working correctly.


New tutorial videos:



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Current Release: v3.2

Release URL: https://github.com/djotaku/ELDonationTracker/releases/tag/v3.2


Release notes:

Ever since the DDOS last year, there have been intermittent issues with the API availability. I've changed the code to handle this more gracefully. I've got a refactor scheduled that's also going to help make updates more elegant and hopefully hit the API less.


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