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Suggestions, requests, and other shenanigans

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Hey everyone!


I'm certain I won't be the first to mention some of these things, but I wanted to point out where I think the website can do better so I can have better tools to raise donations. Let's just dive right in:


As a Canadian, the site hurts me in various ways. Not being able to display goals in CAD dissuades people from donating. Even after explaining that there is no conversion if you donate in CAD using a Credit Card with a Canadian registered address, there are still people hesitant to donate. Removing this hurdle will bring in more donations.


While I love Milestones, you can only set them on your personal page. The team page would greatly benefit from also having Milestones added, as well as incentives.


Incentives need an option to purchase more than one. The event I run has limited seating, so I offer seat reservations for $1/hour. But there is no way for a donor to select that option 6x unless they make 6 $1 donations. We are getting around this by making a donation in an amount they desire, but once more; offering the option to buy multiples would greatly increase the interactions with incentives.


That's it for now, but I am sure to encounter more. This is not a nitpicking or complaining topic (although the USD vs CAD really does bother me) but the intent is to improve the site, to help me have an easier time raising donations!




Jeff, Team Captain of Dungeon and Swear Words

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