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Dan Cleberg

website signing op other people

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I signed myself up and then it gave me the option to save and sign others up

it gave me the option to take care of the others I signed up account.


I signed up a handful of others who wanted to join or team.


How do I access their page, their info?  How do I add their profile photo?

How do they add funds or make a facebook fundraiser page?


There seems to be no access to the people I signed up.

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Heya @Dan Cleberg!


I have also been curious about this particular functionality over the years.  Closest I've come to understand it is its been good when my team would have special promos/giveaways that revolved around having a single donation page to track dontations toward whatever giveaway it was.  Or maybe you signup someone who would other wise not be able to manage their own individual page like you signed up for.


If my understanding is correct you'll probably want to email to "detach" them a smidge from your donations acct.  And/or they may need to sign-up on their own after click on Join Your Team if you have  Team Page going already.


There are some DonorDrive peeps on these forums but I don't have their member names handy.  Will update this post later and @mention them when I get home later today where I know I have this info.


Let me know how you fair in the meantime sir!


o/  ;)


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