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Tips for getting donated/renting/borrowing multiple consoles?

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Hi all!


I'm really excited that my company is hosting Extra Life event for the first time this year. Does anyone have any tips on how/where to have consoles/games donated for a day? We're allowing participants to bring their own systems, obviously, but we'd like to have a collection of consoles ready for people to join in on at their leisure. We are in the process of contacting Sony and Nintendo directly. We've gotten a response from Microsoft, but they won't donate any Xbox's unless they have a representative on-site, and since our company doesn't have an existing representative from Microsoft directly, that's not an option.


Any tips are welcome! Thanks!

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Heya @Joe_K!


On the Microsoft front are you sure they required someone from your company to be a designated Microsoft Rep..?


Typically that statement would be true.  But they usually mean one of them from the Microsoft Store needs to be "along for the ride" to keep a tacit eye on the gear.  As well as wholly participating/collaborating in the festivities.


Like I throw a pretty decent sized game-a-thon each year and our local Microsoft Store will bring several Gamez Cases and more and there are at least half a dozen of them in attendance at our event.  In my case they have half a dozen plus of "their representatives" onsite.


I would think hope that at least one of their store reps would be willing to be in attendance at your event to make that equipment loan possible.




o/  ;~)!

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