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Jack Gardner

Feature: Four Free Games to Play on National Video Games Day

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Today happens to be National Video Games Day! To honor the spirit of the day, we've put together several awesome games that you can play right now for free! These range from being short 15-30 minute experiences to full-blown 9 hour RPGs. These are games that will make you laugh, possibly  You could even play all of them in one day - or at the least within one 24-hour gaming marathon to help sick and injured kids!  


Butterfly Soup



Visual novels aren't everyone's cup of tea, but Butterfly Soup really sets itself up as a must-play with its mix of humor and good-natured sweetness. The game revolves around a group of queer Asian girls who play baseball and bond with one another - they might even fall in love. The story takes about 3-4 hours to complete and features fresh memes from 2017. It's adorable, charming as heck, and features some of the most lovable kids you'll see in games. If you need something gay and wholesome in your day, Butterfly Soup would be just the thing you're looking for.


Star Stealing Prince




Star Stealing Prince stands out as one of the finest RPGs ever made in RPGMaker. It tells the story of a young prince who sets out to uncover the secrets of his future kingdom. What that journey reveals and where it will take both him and his people serves as an incredible rollercoaster of drama. Lead developer, Ronove, poured so much time and care into the story, the visuals, puzzles, and combat mechanics that it's easy to forget that this passion project is free. To top it off, it has some of the best battle music in RPGs, holding its own against even the heaviest hitters in the 16-bit field. It's fantastic, and the tale it weaves will stick with you for years to come.  


Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, And The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist



Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, And The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist has an objectively silly name, which should be expected from the Crows Crows Crows, the creators of The Stanley Parable. A Whirlwind Heist cheekily sets itself up as a grand heist game, but something has gone horribly wrong behind the scenes. The people who were supposed to come together to make the game work have all quit or gone on strike, leaving the player free to wander the halls of the production and see how games get made... sort of. With a desperate narrator trying to get everything back on track, this free game provides plenty of laughs. It's exactly what it wants to be, which is a silly, short game about an objectively funny situation. 


Escaped Chasm



Temmie Chan served as the lead artist on Undertale, creating the most iconic visual moments from the game. Back in April of this year, she released a free RPGMaker game called Escaped Chasm. It tells the story of a young girl who flees to an imaginary world to escape from her isolation and loneliness. There are four different endings and each playthrough takes between 15-20 minutes. If you wanted to get more Undertale-adjacent games in your life, Escaped Chasm should definitely be in your download queue. After all, it's beautiful, well-crafted, and free! 


Don't forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!

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