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Guild Meeting Notes July 2019

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Extra Life Kansas City Guild Meeting Notes

July 10

Game Day is November 2nd

Join our team here:


Guild Information:

1) We increase funds and awareness for KU Medical Center Pediatrics

2) Together we Save kids' lives through rallying and connecting local organizations together!

3) Purpose of the Guild is to Register, Fundraise, and Get Social!


MONEY RAISED as of July 10: $23,005 (I believe it is higher now)

NUMBER OF GAMERS as of July 10: 179


Child story: Joe Tillery



1) You can now sync your Extra Life donation page to the Facebook donate button! Follow the instructions HERE.

2) We raised $500 at Maker Faire thanks to great art and Brie's face painting skills!  We also got several donations and tons of sign ups at Northland Pride so we want to do more small events!

3) Then, we went through a list of organizations and stores and signed up for places we want to reach out to.  We will ask them to hang signs or if they have events at which we could recruit.  Here is the list if you'd like to sign up or see what you signed up for! 

4) It was decided several of us want to get together to send out emails to colleges and high school organizations so Lora will be group texting those interested :)

5) Lora discussed professional pitches vs convention pitches.  Here is a recap: 

  • The Call to Action is different! Instead of getting the person to sign up, you ask about hanging fliers, attending their events, or putting together a donation jar or donation event. 
  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF and say you're part of the Extra Life Kansas City Guild. It sounds more legit. :)
  • Don't forget your 10 second Extra Life recap: what it is, mention we support KU Med (keep it local), and that we are wanting to share info
  • KEEP IT SHORT: these people are busy and they are on the clock. If they don't seem to be able to give you a lot of time, don't keep them talking. 
  • Please note that we are NOT looking to host our own events (unless it is a game event for donations or something) but piggy back off events they already have.  Also, please note we will NOT promote any event or organization on anything other than our personal Facebook pages (at your discretion) 




Extra Life Organizers: Todd and Christiy

Location and times: July 20 & 21 @ OP Convention Center

What will be doing?: We will have a booth to recruit and collect funds!  If you are interested in helping on that Saturday please let Todd, Christiy, or Lora know! 


Extra Life Organizers: Brie or Rashida

Location and times: August 10 @ 1737 N 82nd St, Kansas City, KS 66112

What will be doing?: We will have a table to discuss Extra Life and recruit. WE CANNOT COLLECT DONATIONS. If you are interested, let Lora or Brie know! 


Extra Life Organizers: Lora

Location and times: August 24 @ OP Convention Center

What will be doing?: We will have a table to discuss Extra Life, recruit, and collect donations. It is a great way to reach out to the disability community in KC! 


Next meeting Date:
Next meeting is Wednesday, August 14th at 7pm somewhere in KS (stay tuned)
Workshop: Streaming (Have questions? Leave them here!)

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