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Jack Gardner

Fundraising: E3 Attendee Wins a One-of-a-Kind Xbox in the Extra Life Human Claw Machine

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E3 always pushes the boundaries of gaming. New technology hits the show floor alongside the games every year, and this year Extra Life brought an innovation of its own to get everyone talking about helping the kids. In a first for both E3 and Extra Life's booth, the show featured a massive Human Claw Machine capable of lifting participants up and lowering them in to a huge pit filled with prizes donated by our amazing partnerships. As eager gamers stood in line for a chance to win unique prizes, the booth was staffed by volunteers to tell them all about the story of Extra Life and the good it does in the world. A Human Claw Machine-sized thank you to GameStop Gives, without whom it would have been impossible to leave such a lasting impression on the nearly 70,000 attendees at E3.


Over three days, thousands of people lined up for hours for their chance to be lowered into a huge pit of prizes and walk home with a special memento. People won everything from gaming chairs to full on consoles. While all the prizes were awesome, there was one ultimate prize that everyone wanted – A custom Xbox One wrapped in a Philadelphia 76er’s skin, paired with a 76er’s jersey, packed in a pelican case signed by FaZe Clan and Trey Smith.




Staci from the Extra Life team announced to the large crowd, many who had waited up to two hours for their turn on the claw, that she held the special prize box in her hands. She then dramatically tossed it into the pit filled with hundreds of other identical boxes. The crowd went wild, each speculating on where they thought it landed. You could practically feel the excitement in the crowd. Trey Smith personally came by the Human Claw Machine to see if the Xbox winner would emerge.



A few people harnessed into the machine for their turn, eager to try to find the Xbox special prize box, but they were unable to do so. Then, it was Ron Lyons’ turn. Ron had made the journey out to E3 from Detroit and seemed hopeful that he might be the one to pull the console from the pit. The crowd cheered him on as he was helped from his wheelchair into the harness. As the machine lowered him down, he began reaching for various boxes. People started yelling out suggestions, “no, no, go left!" Yes! That’s the one!” The Human Claw Machine pulled Ron up, his mystery box firmly in hand. Many thought he might have found the right box, but no one knew for sure until the moment of truth.


After he was safely disentangled from the harness and back in his wheelchair, Ron opened the box. Inside he found the special Xbox certificate! Everyone exploded in cheers, and Trey eagerly ran to great Ron. Both men beamed with pride. Thanks to the Human Claw Machine, not only did Ron win a once-in-a-lifetime prize, but this story has left a lasting impression on people across the internet. Because of Ron and everyone who came out to Extra Life's booth, countless more people have now learned the story of Extra Life’s life-saving work. 


If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to sign up to participate in Extra Life this year. If you are looking for a team to join or just want to make a contribution, be sure to check out Team Allison. Allison’s team will be dedicating June 22-23 to play games and bring in donations from supporters and friends. Maybe even a friend like you?

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